King Cunedda Wledig

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Banestorm: Book II


Name Cunedda ap Edern
Race Human
Allegiance Prydain
Occupation King
Religion Christian (mostly)
Status NPC

Petty King (modern equivalent of a Duke) of Gwynedd. He is also known as 'Emrys Wledig'.

His grandfather was named Padarn Beisrudd, which literally translates as Paternus of the "red tunic" and was in command of Votadini troops stationed in the Clackmannanshire region of Scotland in the 380s or earlier by the Emperor Magnus Maximus. Padarn's command in Scotland was assumed after his death by his son, Edern , and then passed to Edern's son, Cunedda. While there, Cunedda led the Votadini against Pictish and Irish incursions south of Hadrian's Wall but, in the early 450s, the Votadini troops under Cunedda relocated to North Wales to defend the region from Irish invasion, specifically the Uí Liatháin, at the behest of High King Vortigern. Cunedda established himself in Wales, in the territory of the Venedoti, which would become the center of the petty kingdom (or duchy) of Gwynedd.

In the wake of the recent Treachery of Long Knives, King Cunedda has declared himself and Gwynedd independent.