Baronet Sir Korbin Spiirs

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Name Korbin Spiirs
Race Human
Homeworld Rhylanor
Occupation Nobleman
Status NPC (Living)

  • Former Imperium Marine officer who resigned his commission for reasons that he does not talk about, then went mercenary where he briefly commanded Haank. During his time as a mercenary, he had a reputation for being a kick-ass leader who wouldn't hesitate to break the rules if it meant getting the job done (which probably explains why he left the Marines.)
  • Mustered out of the mercenary unit, also likely due to him breaking the rules, and ended up at Neverfail Freight where he eventually got Haank hired on. Known to all original PCs as a Reasonable Authority Figure who frequently clashed with management in defense of his people; he left Neverfail shortly before the Titanic accident.
  • Around the same time as that incident, he was aboard a cruise liner that was hit and captured by a significant pirate force. Rather than take this lying down, he fought back, using all of his cunning and skill to counter-board the pirate ship. In the process, he managed to seize the pirate vessel's bridge, killing or capturing the majority of its command crew, then vented said vessel to space, which took care of nearly all of the rest. The remainder would eventually be overwhelmed by the makeshift security force that he hurriedly assembled out of the surviving liner crew.
  • Among the crew saved by his actions was Countess Heleni Kirgashii, the daughter and heir to Duke Leonard of Rhylanor, and in gratitude for saving his daughter, the duke would knight Dalis which seriously elevated his social standing. Unfortunately, Dalis soon found that sitting around on his butt was BORING and started seeking a way to change his fortunes...
  • Promoted to Baronet by Archduke Norris Aella Aledon on 054-1123, much to Spiirs disgust.
  • Replaced Ella Stanbridge as full partner in Spinward Star, LLP