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Name Orgamon
Race Human
Homeworld Gileden
Occupation Noble Bodyguard
Status NPC (Living)

  • One of Lord Mika Anjiliac's bonded bodyguards and was taken with him to Quopist
  • He has the distinctive facial markings of a Journeyman Protector, a small warrior cult originating on Gileden who, upon reaching their majority, compete heavily amongst one another in order to be eligible to seek a ‘bonded master.’ Once sworn to this master, they have a reputation for obedience to him or her without question. In years past, they were highly sought out as noble bodyguards but the practice has (like the ‘cult’) fallen into disfavor in recent times principally because they suck at anything but bodyguarding. The markings upon their face easily identify their bonded master, which means they cannot be used as assassins or spies without tipping one’s hand, and their strict code means they are incapable of pretending defection. Devoted though so that’s something...
  • First encountered on 365-1122 where he joined the crew in attempting to retrieve his master.