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Banestorm: Book II


Name Aeronwen
Race Human
Allegiance Prydain
Occupation Weaver
Religion Christian (mostly)
Status NPC

Adopted daughter of Eus the Silent, Aeronwen is a sullen, sometimes bitter young woman though that might be due to her ancestry as the descendant of Roman slaves brought to Prydain. Frequently teased by Siobhan verch Odgar in their youth, the two women have become fierce rivals. She has been learning her father's trade for years with everyone presuming she will take over when he passes as he has no other heirs.

Update: Aeronwen is officially believed to have perished in a fire on July 8, 456, although there are some doubts about whether the body found was actually hers or not. She was linked to the death of Father Cai in some fashion.