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Bennies were created as an alternative to character-point rewards, and as an intermediary step from the usual implementation of Plot Points, which are often a little too "potent" to be handed out regularly.

For good play or good idea, at GM's discretion or by player agreement, a PC may be immediately awarded a Benny. This may be used to modify any die roll, for any reason, before or after the roll is made, granting a ±1 per Benny to said roll's result as desired.

  • Only applicable to the "last" die roll, not previous rolls
  • No other use but die roll adjustment
  • No limit on accumulation
  • No expiration
  • No limit on number allowed to be used on a given die roll
  • Obeys normal rules; no exemptions
  • Won't enable an "impossible" action
  • Bonus may be applied to another PC's or NPC's roll as desired
  • In case of Luck usage, applies to "chosen" reroll
  • The GM may be asked to apply a number of Bennies, or all, to a "secret" roll, enough to make that roll successful (or achieve some other result); unused points may be returned at GM's descretion