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The youngest of Ytarria’s kingdoms, Caithness is sparsely populated, underdeveloped, and wracked by civil war. In truth, the "kingdom" today is little more than a handful of feuding baronies scattered across hundreds of miles of nearly empty territory.

Because they live so far apart, Caithness’ nobles have enjoyed great autonomy. Historically, their loyalties have been held by a series of strong rulers. Matters have gone downhill. The current king, 45-year-old Conall VI, came to the throne too young. In the early years of his reign, many lords paid little attention to matters outside their own lands, enjoying the lack of oversight. Ten years ago, this disregard grew into unrest and then outright rebellion. Today, Conall is fighting to reunite his kingdom.

Conall is still King and the civil war continues. Caithness is a country divided with the rift between the rebels and the royalists widening over the years. During the bug war, Conall lost much support from the nobles due to his poor handling of the war effort. It is widely accepted that were it not for the leadership shown by the western Barons, Caithness would have fallen. Conall was young and lacked experience, but now in his 40s he is showing much of his father's strength. He means to keep Caithness together and truly is a man of the people, but bitter memories linger as the Sterling rebels find it hard to reconcile the many losses suffered due to inaction and betrayal from the King.