Cameron Lynch

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Name Cameron Lynch
Age 51
Country  USA
Affil. CIA(SAD)*
Rank Unknown
Role Investigator
Status PC (Living)

Actor: Josh Brolin, Ref: Sicario


Enigmatic Intelligence Operative


Anti Hero; Bunny Ears Lawyer; Cowboy Cop; Manipulative Bastard



SAD, like most of the CIA, requires a bachelor's degree to be considered for employment. Many have advanced degrees such as Master's and law degrees. Many candidates come from notable schools, many from Ivy League institutions and United States Service Academies, and the majority of recruits today come from middle-class backgrounds. SAD officers are trained at Camp Peary, Virginia (also known as "The Farm") and at privately owned training centers around the United States. They also train its personnel at "The Point" (Harvey Point), a facility outside of Hertford, North Carolina. In addition to the eighteen months of training in the Clandestine Service Trainee (CST) Program required to become a clandestine intelligence officer, Paramilitary Operations Officers are trained to a high level of proficiency in the use and tactical employment of an unusually wide degree of modern weaponry, explosive devices and firearms (foreign and domestic), hand to hand combat, high performance/tactical driving (on and off road), apprehension avoidance (including picking handcuffs and escaping from confinement), improvised explosive devices, cyberwarfare, covert channels, HAHO/HALO parachuting, combat and commercial SCUBA and closed circuit diving, proficiency in foreign languages, surreptitious entry operations (picking or otherwise bypassing locks), vehicle hot-wiring, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE), survival and wilderness training, combat EMS medical training, tactical communications, and tracking.

  • "Cameron Lynch" is undoubtedly not his real name
  • Details of his previous activities are classfied
  • US Army Special Forces background (probably)—but that was a long time ago

Traits (287)

ST 12 [20]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 14 [80]; HT 11* [10].
Damage 1d-1/1d+2; BL 29 lb; HP 12 [0]; Will 14 [0]; Per 16 [10]; FP 11 [0].
Basic Speed 5.75 [0]; Basic Move 5 [0]; Dodge 9†.
5' 10"; 175 lbs.

Social Background

TL: 8 [0].
CF: CF: Muslim [1].
Languages: Arabic (Accented) [4]; English (Native) [0]; Russian (Broken) [2].

Templates and Meta-Traits

Assaulter (p. TacS47) [0]; Intelligence (Action; p. A1:4) [0]; Investigator (Action; p. A1:12) [0]; Modern Pistol (p. TacS48) [0].


Combat Reflexes [15]; Contact Group (CIA Team; Effective Skill 15; 6 or less; Somewhat Reliable) [5]; Fit [5]; Luck [15]; Super-Spy 2 [30].
Perks: Cool Under Fire. [1]


Duty (15 or less (almost always); Extremely Hazardous; CIA?) [-20]; Fanaticism (USA) [-15]; Obsession (The Mission; Long-Term Goal; 12 or less) [-10]; Stubbornness [-5].
Quirks: Always appears relaxed and casual; Gum-chewer; Manipulative (OPH); Ruthless (willing to get his hands dirty); Secretive (plays things close-to-the-vest). [-5]


Acting (A) IQ+1 [1]-15‡; Administration (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Area Knowledge (Middle East) (E) IQ [1]-14; Armoury/TL8 (Small Arms) (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Body Language (Human) (A) Per-1 [1]-15; Boxing (A) DX [2]-12§; Camouflage (E) IQ [1]-14; Criminology/TL8 (A) IQ [2]-14; Current Affairs/TL8 (Politics) (E) IQ+2 [1]-16‡; Detect Lies (H) Per [1]-16‡; Diplomacy (H) IQ-2 [1]-12; Driving/TL8 (Automobile) (A) DX [2]-12; Electronics Operation/TL8 (Communications) (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Electronics Operation/TL8 (Electronic Warfare) (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Electronics Operation/TL8 (Security) (A) IQ [2]-14; Electronics Operation/TL8 (Surveillance) (A) IQ [2]-14; Escape (H) DX [1]-12‡; Expert Skill (Military Science) (H) IQ [4]-14; Explosives/TL8 (Demolition) (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Fast-Draw (Pistol) (E) DX+1 [1]-13†; Fast-Draw/TL8 (Ammo) (E) DX+1 [1]-13†; Fast-Talk (A) IQ+2 [2]-16‡; First Aid/TL8 (Human) (E) IQ [1]-14; Forced Entry (E) DX [1]-12; Forward Observer/TL8 (A) IQ [2]-14; Gunner/TL8 (Machine Gun) (E) DX [1]-12; Guns/TL8 (Grenade Launcher) (E) DX [1]-12; Guns/TL8 (Light Anti-Armor Weapon) (E) DX [1]-12; Guns/TL8 (Light Machine Gun) (E) DX+1 [1]-13; Guns/TL8 (Pistol) (E) DX+2 [4]-14; Guns/TL8 (Rifle) (E) DX+2 [3]-14; Guns/TL8 (Shotgun) (E) DX+1 [1]-13; Guns/TL8 (Submachine Gun) (E) DX+2 [3]-14; Hiking (A) HT-1 [1]-10¶; Holdout (A) IQ+1 [1]-15‡; Intelligence Analysis/TL8 (H) IQ+1 [8]-15; Interrogation (A) IQ+2 [2]-16‡; Intimidation (A) Will [2]-14; Knife (E) DX [1]-12; Leadership (A) IQ [2]-14; Lockpicking/TL8 (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Navigation/TL8 (Land) (A) IQ-1 [1]-13**; Observation (A) Per+2 [2]-18‡; Parachuting/TL8 (E) DX [1]-12; Professional Skill (Tradecraft) (A) IQ+2 [2]-16‡; Propaganda/TL8 (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Psychology (Human) (H) IQ-2 [1]-12; Research/TL8 (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Savoir-Faire (Military) (E) IQ [1]-14; Savoir-Faire (Police) (E) IQ [1]-14; Scrounging (E) Per [1]-16; Search (A) Per+2 [2]-18‡; Shadowing (A) IQ+2 [2]-16‡; Smuggling (A) IQ [2]-14; Soldier/TL8 (A) IQ [2]-14; Stealth (A) DX+2 [2]-14††; Streetwise (A) IQ [2]-14; Survival (Desert) (A) Per-1 [1]-15‡‡; Tactics (H) IQ [4]-14; Throwing (A) DX [2]-12; Tracking (A) Per+1 [1]-17‡; Wrestling (A) DX [2]-12.
Techniques: Close-Quarters Battle/TL8 (Guns (Pistol)) (A) [1]-15; Close-Quarters Battle/TL8 (Guns (Rifle)) (A) [0]-14; Close-Quarters Battle/TL8 (Guns (Submachine Gun)) (A) [1]-15.


* Conditional +1 from 'Fit'.
† Includes +1 from 'Combat Reflexes'.
‡ Includes +2 from 'Super-Spy'.
§ Conditional -2 from 'Boxing' when parrying kicks, -3 from 'Boxing' when parrying non-thrusting attacks.
¶ Conditional +1 from 'Backpack, Small'.
** Conditional +1 from 'Compass'.
†† Includes +2 from 'Super-Spy'; Conditional +1 from 'Backpack, Small', +1 from 'Load-Bearing Vest (Good)'.
‡‡ Conditional +2 from 'Personal Basics (Fine)'.


  • Wears reading glasses


  • Basically a ripoff of the "Matt Graver" character from Sicario
  • The name "Lynch" is a reference to the A-Team (2010) movie, where all CIA operatives apparently use that name.