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On the surface, the Empire of Man is all but invincible. It is the greatest of the Old World’s realms, both in extent and in military might.

Founded two and a half millennia ago, it has withstood countless assaults by Greenskins, Skaven, Chaos, and its many neighbours. Beneath the banner of the twin-tailed comet, emblem of its founder-god Sigmar Heldenhammer, the State Armies of the Empire take to the field behind their mighty Griffon-riding Emperor, confident of victory.

However, scratch the surface and peer just beneath, and things take on a different aspect. There are worrying rumours concerning the Emperor’s health, and he hasn’t been near his Griffon for months. Deep in the remote forests of this vast realm, Beastmen and worse still lurk, even though the forces of Chaos were expelled from the land two centuries ago. The taint of Chaos touches everywhere, inflicting strange mutations that force good folk to hide from their neighbours or face the flames of the witch hunters. Strange and secretive cults worship blasphemous gods with titles like ‘the Changer of the Ways’, ‘the Prince of Pleasure’ and ‘the Father of Decay’.

Beyond the Empire’s borders, past the icy fringes of Kislev and Norsca, the swelling forces of Chaos inhabit the twisted and unnatural Northern Chaos Wastes. Leaders rise and fall, amassing armies to raid and plunder, only to have them disperse again.

It has been two centuries since any Champion of Chaos has arisen with the strength to unite the Enemy Without. But rumour suggests a new Chosen of the Ruinous Powers walks the north, and is binding the warlike tribes together. So, the rulers of the Old World do not relax their vigilance. They keep their eyes steadily on this terrible external threat.

And, in doing so, they overlook the Enemy Within.


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