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Country United States
State [Illinois]
Counties [Cook], [DuPage]
Type Mayor–council
Body Knight City Council
Mayor ?
City Clerk ?
City Treas. ?
• City 234.53 sq mi
(607.44 km2)
• Land 227.73 sq mi
(589.82 km2)
• Water 6.80 sq mi
(17.62 km2)
• City 2,746,388
• Rank 3rd in the US
1st in [Illinois]
• Density 12,059.84/sq mi
• Metro 9,618,502 (3rd)


Behind the Scenes

  • Fictionalized Chicago, IL; some sub-regions will also be re-skinned.
  • Probably set in Illionois, United States, but we should avoid naming or referring directly to the state, country, or their leadership (by name), until/unless it becomes inconvenient (or specifically relevant to the story). The campaign should be focused on the local Knight City area anyway.
  • The above should probably also hold true of other nations outside where feasible.
  • Other major cities will be referenced occasionally by stand-in names (the way DC typically does).
  • "Gotham"-like crime/corruption level ("In a town this bent, who's there to rat to anyway?")
  • Chicago-like history with the mob

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