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Takes place in Knight City (=Chicago, IL, USA) with "Gotham-like" levels of crime and corruption. PCs are street-level Heroes™, each with their own beat/patrol, who will occasionally team up to tackle larger threats.

Behind the Scenes

This is supposed to be a "GM sandbox." Should tend toward self-contained stories, or stories with a natural "segmentation" that can be interrupted (ConsOps or Traveller is probably a good example of the latter). By focusing on separate territories and such for each PC, adventures can be run with fewer than all of the PCs without disturbing an overall story arc—especially if each PC has enough auxiliary characters in his sphere to allow players to take them over for a session or two, or enough overlap to justify a smaller team-up. My intention is to set up an "engine" to manage the basic day-to-day activities of the setting, so the next GM can just pick up at a moment's notice or prepare something more complex if so inspired.