Ray Ritter

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Name Raymond Ritter
Age 24
Affiliation KCPD
Job Police Officer
Status NPC (Living)
@PCs Family/Ally (BK)

Actor: Evan Roderick


Younger brother of Roland Ritter, former police officer, injured/paralyzed in the duty.


Mission Control




Former member of KCPD, Ray was (on his own time) investigating the death of his father in the line of duty, having discovered some unusual anomalies in the actual story. Several weeks after his brother Roland returned to Knight City, Ray was jumped by members of a gang while coming out of his apartment and beaten nearly to death. He was put into a coma. The official report was that this is a robbery gone wrong - Ray wasn't in uniform - and, through the police grapevine, the Ritter family learned that IA was also investigating this with the possible angle that Ray was dirty. Upon emerging from his coma, Ray discovers that he is paralyzed.

He will eventually become "mission control" for Roland upon discovering his brother's secret.