Sarah Sainte

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Name Sarah Sainte
Age 23
Affiliation Blume
Job Accountant
Status NPC (Living)
@PCs Dependent/Ally (SP)

Actor: Rachelle Lefevre, Ref: Under the Dome


Charming Accountant and Investigator


Damsel in Distress+Defiant Captive; Fiery Redhead: Downplayed; Good With numbers; Love Interest: Rafe, eventually



  • Corp accountant/DBA—loves spreadsheets; end up running the biz side of Project Spectrum/Aegis(?)
  • Bad Luck?
  • Math-geek; lightning calculator, etc.
  • Voracious mystery reader, puzzle-solver. Can't let go of a good mystery.
    • Especially when it involves numbers
    • Misty Knight-Luke Cage style "investigator mode"
    • Her father's downfall resulted from her discovery of shenanigans that her father felt had to be brought to light
    • Will result in the fiancée's dismissal
    • Will result in her discovery of Rafe's Secret ID
    • Gets called "Nancy-friggin-Drew" a lot
  • Photographer; toying with writing a mystery novel
  • Still blames herself for her father's conviction, and is mildly obsessed with proving his innocence.


  • Grew up a rich-kid in California
  • Got love of reading from Mom; otherwise more of a Daddy's-girl (no brothers)
  • Father was a wealthy businessman, corp officer; eventually got the COO job at Tri-Optimum CA headquarters
  • Math club; honor student
  • College in CA, graduated w/ honors; kept her head down, due to father's smeared-reputation, so she didn't socialize all that much
  • Job offer from Blume, had to move out of CA
  • Met Jody, who "swept her off her feet" immediately (maybe she was a bit naïve at the time); proposed a month ago
  • Still getting used to corporate life

Supporting Cast

Ned Sainte
Ned Sainte

Actor: Sean Bean

At the time Ned Sainte was COO of Tri-Optimum Corporation, around 5-6 years ago, Sarah (16/17, late high school) glanced at some papers/etc. and accidentally discovered some discrepancies. Ned looked into it and found some actual malfeasance on the part of some of the board members, and dutifully brought it to the attention of his long-time friend, the CEO. He knew "heads would roll," but he didn't expect his would be among them. The attempted reveal resulted in a god-awful, nasty mess, that ended with the CEO's unceremonious firing (replaced by one of the offending board-members), followed by Ned's legal prosecution soon after for the "leak." Ned was completely ruined, socially, financially, and legally—the more salacious accusations turned out to be false, but they left a stain he couldn't wash away in spite of it. Sarah was only barely avoided sharing his fate on account of her minority, though not for lack of hostile efforts. The trial was railroaded through, and Ned was sentenced to ten years at a minimum-security prison. Due to his actions, both real and manufactured, and his incarceration, his wife (Sarah's mother) eventually divorced him and moved away. He has maybe half his sentence remaining, with the possibility he could get out on parole, but Sarah keeps digging, hoping to clear his name.

Other Notes

  • Lives downtown?


Accounting Expertise; Administration; Disarming Smile; Math Expertise; Mystery/Puzzle-Solving

For the GM

  • Sarah's father could get released from prison, either on parole or somesuch, or because he is exonerated, at which point he could end up in Raphael's active Social Network.
  • Narrative: Will eventually end up happily married to Rafe, though under regular pressure from the bullseye his life paints on her.


  • More of a Pepper Potts type: not useless arm-candy.
  • Does not (initially) know hero ID
  • Rafe's first rescue?
  • Interacted with Rafe on courier job


  • Original "Virtual Comics" character; nothing more than a generic superhero's girlfriend, even with the "reporter" cliché—not really intentional, she was just never developed beyond that
  • Tri-Optimum corporation is ripped from the computer game, System Shock