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Just some trivia…

Back in 1991 when Gigermann and Rigil Kent met in the Army, they ended up working on some comic-books story/art concepts (that obviously never saw any sort of production), as an addition to some related comic stuff Rigil had been working on with other friends of many years prior to that. In those early days, it was referred to as Virtual Comics, though that name would end up being taken, later, and so this one had to change multiple times since. Quite a few characters and concepts from those series have appeared here in Knight City Chronicles in an updated format. Here are some notes:



  • A bit of a Justice League/Avengers sort of thing.
  • Based out of NYC, NY
  • Jason Walters, AKA "Power Surge" was a part of this team; got stuck in "giant" size; his sister was also on the team, as "Hawk", a flyer
  • Deathsound was a part of this team; died in combat at some point in the series
Aegis Unlimited

Starting ~1991

  • Started with the development Gigermann's Spectrum and Foxbat—he couldn't decide which powers/characterizations he liked best at the time, so he split them into two individuals—and Rigil's "Champion" (not appearing here)
  • Originally called "Guardians" but that name turned out to be taken
  • Nicholas Davenport was a time-traveler who came back to prevent some sort of supers-related disaster and founded a corporation that sponsored the team
  • Set in Miami, FL
  • The original team included characters created by other Army friends at the time: "Shade", "Talisman", and later "Pulsar"
  • Sting started out as a villain working for a drug-cartel's super-hit-team, and switched sides, later joining the Aegis team
  • "Pulsar" turned out to have been a cartel plant, and betrayed the team later in the series
  • Proteus was a gov't agent inserted into the team to "help" (and keep an eye on this non-gov't-controlled outfit)
Twilight Generation
Twilight Generation, unfinished "cover"

This was a Gigermann GURPS Supers campaign concept from ~2002 that never quite made it into production. It was an official parallel/alternative-reality in the Daniverse based on the same "Virtual Comics" material, inheriting World of Darkness influences from the rest of the Daniverse.

  • Took place around 20-30 years after the original series in Oklahoma City
  • Was to be a central Aegis team led by the 50+ year old Spectrum/D'Angelo (in a sort of old-Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond role)
  • Vincent Cross was a villain for that campaign, a wizard of the Hermetic tradition