Rhett Mercatos

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Name Rhett Mercatos
Age 22
Affiliation Aegis Courier Co.
Job Courier
Status NPC (Living)
@PCs Ally (SP)

AKA: Shadow
Actor: Colton Haynes, Ref: Arrow


Streetwise Skater-Punk with a Vampire Schtick (later: actual Half-Vampire)


Chronic Hero Syndrome; Civvie Spandex: The Cape; Reformed Criminal: Junky



  • Rescue Addiction (Compulsive Behavior)
  • Devil inside makes him want to beat on people; hero complex, makes him go after crims


Rhett was orphaned at a young age, and lived with several foster families throughout his childhood. Started skateboarding early, and showed some real talent that gained him notoriety on the local skater scene—known for his trademark "vampire cape" schtick. But he tended to hang out with the "wrong people," resulting in a drug habit through his high-school years that had him barely able to graduate. However, when one bad trip nearly ended his life and potential career as a skater, he immediately cleaned up, and would never touch the stuff again. Afterward, he started making life difficult for local dealers, earning him some enemies among the local drug gangs. During an attempt on his life, he was rescued by the Angel of Knight City. Inspired, he dedicated himself to ridding his neighborhood of its criminal/drug infestation. He shied away from offers of sponsorship, both because he didn't want to be beholden to anyone and because he couldn't reliably meet their expectations while trolling the streets at night for criminal activity to squash. Around a year ago, he was approached by "Yuri" who convinced him to come work for Aegis.

Supporting Cast


Near-Pro-Level Freestyle/Street/Half-Pipe Skateboarder; Traceur; Street-Smart

For the GM

  • Narrative: gets turned by a vampire (orig: Svyataslav Igorevich), but resists taking life, staying in a half-state (Ref: Lost Boys). Shadow-based power set (WoD: Lasombra). The "cape" becomes his super-costume.