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Name "Gabriel"
Age Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Job Unknown
Status NPC (Living)
@PCs Patron (SP)

Real Name: Gabriel Nicholas Davenport
Actor: Tom Cavanagh, Ref: Flash


Mysterious Voice-On-A-Screen Director


The Chessmaster; Crazy Prepared; Gentleman and a Scholar; Mission Control; The Spook; Techno Wizard


Key Abilities

  • May be "super" or mundane
  • Has curiously-accurate information about upcoming catastrophes, and supers (including, in some cases, their secret identities).
    • Includes knowledge of the upcoming "Blackout" event.
  • Source of his foreknowledge may be time-travel, super-intelligence, mathematical/computer projections, genius AI, precognition, or something else.
  • Occasionally surprised by some "unexpected" occurrence?
Digital Omnipresence
  • May be "super" or mundane
  • Access to Cutting-Edge (@TL) Tech
  • Vast Resources—can buy small companies at the drop of a hat


  • Plays everything close-to-the-vest; lots of secrets, and doesn't give up any.
  • Generally very serious and focused on the task-at-hand, though he does have a sense of humor.
  • Doesn't take offense to attempts to uncover his identity by his agents, but encourages them to try harder, be more clever


Virtually nothing is known about his identity or history. From time to time, hints may slip out:

  • Possible past government/military/intelligence connection
  • Possible past research/science connection; has some level of advanced educational degree
  • No family
  • Lives in the city; isn't hiding in a cave/closet/underground
  • Knows Biblical references, Catholic mythology/history quite well


Scientific Expertise; Strategic Expertise; Tradecraft Mastery

Special Projects

Appears to be gathering agents, super or otherwise gifted, and putting them to work solving problems, preparing them and the world for "what's to come."

Project Proteus

Project Spectrum

  • Primary operative: Raphael
  • Later, Michael Fox will be unofficially incorporated (Ref: "Diggle", Arrow)
    • Gabriel may know about his eventual fate, and what that will do to Rafe
  • Later than that, Rhett Mercatos and Samantha Marsh will be unofficially incorporated (Ref: "Arsenal"/"Speedy," Arrow)
    • Gabriel may recognize who they are or will be, and may, himself, push for their inclusion
  • Keira Judge is an agent for the Project, though not fully in-the-know; possible intelligence background, specifically there to run the business and allow Raphael to do his "side work" unhindered and divert prying eyes.
  • Aegis Courier Co. was purchased to be used as a front for the operation.
  • Specific missions for the Project seems to be focused on white-collar crimes or corporate shenanigans, suggesting an "economic" end-goal.
  • Behind the scenes: the running idea is that Davenport was "rescued" by the Angel of Knight City shortly after his appearance, whose abilities impressed him such that he immediately set himself to recruiting the Angel to relieve the increasingly-overwhelmed Uriel.
  • At campaign start, the Project will be gearing up to deal with the upcoming "Blackout" event.

Other Projects

Other Projects may be active in other areas, or in the process of spinning up.

For the GM

  • Should eventually end up meeting PC(s) in person, but they should have to earn it. Until then, should be in question whether or not he's even "real."
  • Original character was a time-traveler, gone back to prevent some supers-related catastrophe. A later version reversed that, predicting the future instead. Here, the GM has some leeway to decide how he gets his info.


  • Ref: Finch-Person of Interest plus Welles-The Flash—with maybe a bit of Morpheus-The Matrix. Similarities to "Eyes Only" from Dark Angel are mostly coincidental.