Steve Steward

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Name Stefan Steward
Age 28
Affiliation Knight City Ambulance Service
Status NPC (Living)
@PCs Ally (BK)

Actor: Roger Cross


Close friend of Roland Ritter, EMT.



Supporting Cast

  • Michelle: wife
Michelle Steward
Michelle Steward

Born: Michelle
Actor: Nafessa Williams

  • Met Steve when he was stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. while she was dating one of his battle buddies. When that relationship went south, Steve asked her out and the rest is history...
  • For some reason, everyone initially thinks she's "mean" due to her appearance; in actuality, she's the nicest person you could ever meet.


For the GM

  • Narrative: Probably likely to be one of the first people to figure out Roland's secret. Unsure whether he's going to back him up in the field (ala Diggle on "Arrow") or just cover for him during work.


  • High school buddy of Roland; both were football players
  • Was involved in gangs in that time which resulted in him being told "join the Army or go to jail."
  • Ended up 18D, Special Forces Medical Sergeant, for several years before exiting the military for unspecified reasons.
  • Is currently an EMT with the Knight City Ambulance Service