Timeline (KCC)

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-32 Years

-27 Years

-25 Years

-12 Years

-10 Years

  • Roland Ritter joins the Navy as a Corpsman. He is given opportunity to enter BUD/S training and accepts. During this, he is selected for Project: Morituri.

-8 Years

  • Raphael D'Angelo at Palm City University; begins training with "Shihan"
  • Roland Ritter completes the last of his training & assigned to SEAL Team X. By this point, he is fully enhanced.

-6 Years

-5 Years

  • SEAL Team X is dissolved following a string of failures. Roland Ritter is the only member of the team who does not "go postal" during this period. During debriefing, he is given neutralizing agents that deactivate his enhancements.

-4 Years

-3 Years

-2 Years

  • Sam Jackson released from prison
  • The "Nigerian Incident" (see "Tears of the Sun"). Roland Ritter is one of the few survivors of this catastrophe and, secretly, this adrenaline reactivates his enhancements.

-1 Years

  • Roland Ritter exits the Navy and returns to Knight City. He begins crimefighting following the near murder of his younger brother, Ray.
  • "Shihan" [KIA/MIA]; Raphael D'Angelo returns to Knight City
  • Sam Jackson's pregnant fiancée killed by previous employer's thugs; Sam manifests powers during a murderous rampage and wipes out the gang responsible

-6 Months