Regina Ruben

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Name Regina Ruben
Age 29
Affiliation NA
Job Arms Dealer
Status NPC (Living)
@PCs Frenemy (BK)


Former spy turned arms merchant. She becomes Roland Ritter's "Catwoman."


Dating Catwoman




Former member of Mossad, Regina met Roland about 3 years before Episode 0 and, in the course of her duties, seduced him with an intent on learning as much about Project: Morituri and SEAL Team X as she could. Unfortunately, she did not wholly clear this with her superiors and when the op that the Team was conducting inside Syria not only went south but spilled over into Israel and claimed almost twenty lives, her aggressiveness blew up in her face and she was held responsible. The Israeli government could not throw her in prison for this - although Mossad was tempted to make her disappear - but she was burned as a spy and forced to seek alternate employment ... which led her to her establishment of the "Red Queen" arms merchant identity.