Dane Sardock

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Banestorm: Book II


Name Sir Dane Sardock
Race Human
Allegiance Malcolm Wallace
Occupation Soldier
Religion Christian
Status PC (Living)

Banestorm: Book III


Name Sir Dane Sardock
Race Human
Allegiance King Conall
Occupation General
Religion Christian
Status NPC (Living)

1978- Dane is born at Castle Defiant; his family had fought in the Orcs Wars and has decided to stay with Lord Jerrik at Castle Defiant.
1985- People of Castle Defiant start disappearing; Orcs are seen outside the Castle wall. Dane is given a bow at a young age and is taught how to shoot from the high walls.
1994- Dane leaves with Lord Kerin to seek out help for Castle Defiant. Dane is sent to Wallace to ask for help with the incoming refugees from Defiant. Lord Wallace grants refuge for anyone in need. Castle Defiant falls to the Orcs
1996- Dane becomes a soldier in Lord Wallace’s army and quickly falls in ranks with the archers.
1998- Dane starts to train as a scout and is asked to watch the western dessert for any Orc movements
2000- Dane starts hearing rumors about missing miners at the mines. With mounting tension growing with King Conall and the Royalists; Dane is asked to stay close to Wallace in case defense is of the Castle is needed.
2005- Present* Dane is sent back out to the desert under the command of Captain Brontus and has been tracking the cause of the missing miners and has been given an order by Lord Wallace to find out everything he can, and by any means he can as to what is causing the trouble at the mines.

Recently Dane has received new order. He has been tasked with finding a group of people that have had contact with what is believed to be causing the disappearances in the desert. This is very intriguing to Dane and he is eager to find out what they have learned.