Djinn Lands

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The most knowledgeable merchants and wizards know that a few travelers have evaded the plains tribesmen and entered the “Lands of the Djinn”; fewer have returned. Their accounts say that the region is much like the Southern Plains, but with slightly more varied geography; within the vast, dry, open country are many substantial oases, deep wadis, isolated mountain ranges, and small salt lakes.

As for the “djinn” – they are, it is reported, actually powerful human mages, each with his own castle in a small high-mana area. They mostly follow Islam, after a fashion, and war among themselves constantly. The tribesmen serve them as buffers against the rest of the world, and occasionally as mercenaries. Little else is known; the source of the copper, in particular, is a mystery.

Legends of evil spirits aside, the general Hazi view of the djinn is that they are merely godless wizards. But then, people are often ignorant. The fact is, the djinn are unique.