Enzo Arabejo

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Name Enzo Arabejo
Race Solomani
Homeworld ?
Occupation Ship Officer
Status NPC (Living)


Embittered Ex-Navy Starship Officer


The Starscream?


The phrase "born between watches" is used to describe a navy brat who goes navy as well. Enzo Arabejo embodies that phrase literally. Both of his parents served together, a gunner and a traffic control tech, on the same super carrier. The ship was equipped to allow children to live aboard in time of peace, as it was essentially a flying city with a crew of thousands. Enzo considered it his home. When he was old enough, he transferred to the naval academy. His life aboard ship prepared him well for life at the academy. He did exceptionally well and was even accepted to an early officer candidacy program usually reserved for political cadets such as the progeny of important nobles. Enzo absorbed his new cohort's attitudes and general snobbery, though they never accepted him as a social equal. He graduated high in his class, and was offered a commission as a Jr Lieutenant. Having skipped the rank of Ensign on merit alone, Enzo had high hopes of rising quickly up the chain of command. His social background predictably held him back. His dream of high command faded as he was passed over for promotion again and again, until he was dismissed at the end of his second term, mustering out having only attained the rank of Lieutenant in eight years. Though passed over for bluer blood, Enzo's service was flawless, and his resume as an engineer impressive. Enzo still carries the pride and swagger of the parade ground, but tempered with bitterness. He has a burning desire to prove his true worth, which he estimates to be very high indeed.

Update: On 296-1121, upon arrival in-system at Gazulin following the jaunt into the null-space, Enzo was grievously injured and suffered significant brain damage. When the Aimless Pilgrim departed Gazulin on 016-1122, Enzo remained behind in a hospice to recover.