Geoffrey de Saloman

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Actor: Travis Fimmel, Ref: Vikings

Name Geoffrey de Saloman
Origin French?
Role Adventurer
Post NA
Status NPC (Living)


Rogueish Immortal Swordsman & Hedge-Wizard



  • Freemason
  • Swordsman
  • Bard?
  • Conducts electricity?
  • Can perform magic
  • Enjoys, knowledgeable about books
  • Very familiar with the Caribbean, and sailing



  • 752: Mortal birth of Solomon, son of Goeffrey (the Saxon) in the Saxony region of modern Germany.
  • 775: Solomon's parents killed during Charlemagne's takeover of Saxony; Solomon "killed" for the first time, and later fled to France.
  • 778: Solomon re-settled in modern Germany.
  • 800: Solomon dueled the Norseman, when a Viking raid swept through northern Germany; both were greatly injured, but not killed.
  • 993: Solomon left Germany after the death of his second wife and wandered Europe.
  • 1011: Solomon spent a few years at a monastery learning to read and write; introduced to magic.
  • 1064: Solomon met up with the Norman, an Immortal of roughly equivalent "age," and became friends.
  • 1066: Solomon and the Norman both participated in the Battle of Hastings, side by side.
  • 1097: Solomon finally hunted down and killed the Norseman, after a long rivalry.
  • 1098: Solomon and the Norman wandered around modern France, having adventures; became a Troubador.
  • 1189: Solomon and the Norman had been averse to the idea of a "religious war," but finally got on-board, and joined the Third Crusade to retake Jerusalem.
  • 1192: During the attempted retaking of Jerusalem, the Norman is killed in a duel with the Semite, a much-older Immortal; Solomon was unable to assist, and was traumatized by the loss of his friend of 128 years.
  • 1193: Solomon joined the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon (Templars).
  • 1228: Solomon accepted Emperor Frederick II's invitation to his court.
  • 1229: Solomon became Frederick II's chief-of-security after his coronation as King of Jerusalem.
  • 1236: Solomon was imprisoned for [incident] for 78 years (1314) before managing to escape; it took several years to fully recover from the physical neglect, and he developed an acute fear of imprisonment and a dislike for gov't-types.
  • 1348: In light of the spreading "Black Plague," Solomon decided it was a good time to leave Europe for a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands, for the first time since his imprisonment there.
  • 1370: Solomon returned to his anscestral home in Saxony; joined French mercenaries against the English.
  • 1397: Solomon attended Heidelburg University.
  • 1415: Solomon fought for the French at the Battle of Agincourt.
  • 1539: Passing through S.Eastern Europe (in the Transylvania region), Solomon ran afoul of vampires for the first time; spent many months slaying many Cappadocians and Tzcimisces, and developed a dislike of vampires, in general.
  • 1602: Solomon settled in London, England; befriended William Shakespeare, and occasionally acted in his plays (drawing upon his Troubador experience).
  • 1616: Solomon returned to settle in Germany after Shakespeare's death; discovered (or was discovered by) the Rosicrucians, and joined their order, learning much of magic and alchemy.
  • 1626: Solomon in France, caught dueling after it was outlawed; fled France with a "pirate" company, active on the Barbary Coast and the Carribean.
  • 1711: Solomon joined the Freemasons (still has the ring).


The Quickening; Spellcasting; Expert Seaman; Storyteller; Master Swordsman; Fast-Healer; Freemason Connections