Hiram Chapin

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180px HChapin.jpg

Name Hiram Chapin
Allegiance Unknown
Occupation Outlaw
Status NPC

Hiram Chapin was born in Franklyn in 1844. His family left Franklyn when he was young (reputedly because of thuggery and general pissing-off of the locals) and moved east to Wide Gulch.

After working as a cowboy for a time, he came to notoriety when he, and some friends, unsuccessfully tried to rob North Farm (a farm near to Sweetwater). Chased by a posse, he initially scarpered to a friend in Browning, and then on to Stubville.

Things quietened down, and he returned to Wide Gulch. He was caught by local law enforcement, and was remanded to the Franklyn jail.

During a recent jail break, Hiram escaped, and is once again on lam.