Ismir ibn Al'Xavier

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Banestorm: Book III


Name Ismir ibn Al'Xavier
Race Human
Status PC (Living)


Born into an enslaved Fa'iel family in service to the Djinn... Sheikh Al'Dafar lead a rescue party and he was freed his mother and father were killed by Centaurs during the rescue. After being given a home with his people he swore fealty and loyalty to Sheikh Al'Dafar ibn Al'Hadir.

Showing aptitude he was trained and indoctrinated into the Fa'iel Elite Personal Guard for Rashid ibn Al'Dafar and Ammerah el'layana bint Al'Dafar. One of the most skilled of the guard he was assigned numerous times to be their personal bodyguard.

When Rashid and Ammerah journeyed to Castle Defiant he was part of the Guard that came along... injured along the way he spent his time recouping at Castle Defiant where he got to know Haruki Nakasato... Even thou Ismir is standoffish - Haruki did not relent, and Ismir accepted his friendship albeit grudgingly.

As with most Fa'iel he dislikes Centaurs and Djinn..., life in the desert has made him callous, but he is still humble... Simply put life is hard in the desert... But he is fiercely loyal to his people... and anyone he deems is part of his people thru their deeds.

Now that he is finally recovered he is ready to reunite with his people and resume his post in the Guard...

Statistics (200 points)

ST 11 [10]; DX 13 [60]; IQ 11 [20]; HT 12* [20].
Damage 1d-1/1d+1; BL 24 lb; HP 11 [0]; Will 12 [5]; Per 12 [5]; FP 12 [0].
Basic Speed 6.25 [0]; Basic Move 6 [0]; Dodge 10†.
6' 0"; 185.

Social Background

TL: 4 [5].
CF: Muslim (Native) [0].
Languages: Anglish (Accented/None) [2]; Arabic (Native) [0].

Templates and Meta-Traits

Swashbuckler (Banestorm; p. BS215) [0].


Combat Reflexes [15]; Fearlessness 2 [4]; Fit [5].
Perks: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Knife); Sure-Footed (Sand). [2]


Callous [-5]; Code of Honor (Arab) [-10]; Honesty (12 or less) [-10]; Intolerance (Centaur; One group) [-5]; Oblivious [-5]; Overconfidence (12 or less) [-5]; Sense of Duty (His people; Large Group) [-10].
Quirks: Alcohol Intolerance; Humble; Incompetence (Swimming); Staid; Uncongenial. [-5]


Acrobatics (H) DX+1 [8]-14; Area Knowledge (Djinn Lands) (E) IQ+1 [2]-12; Armoury/TL4 (Melee Weapons) (A) IQ-1 [1]-10; Body Language (Human) (A) Per [2]-12; Bow (A) DX+2 [8]-15; Camouflage (E) IQ+2 [2]-13; Carousing (E) HT [1]-12; Climbing (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Current Affairs/TL4 (Djinn Lands) (E) IQ [1]-11; Dancing (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Escape (H) DX-1 [2]-12; Fast-Draw (Arrow) (E) DX+2 [2]-15†; Fast-Draw (Knife) (E) DX+3 [4]-16†; Gambling (A) IQ-1 [1]-10; Judo (H) DX-1 [2]-12; Karate (H) DX+1 [8]-14; Knife (E) DX+2 [4]-15; Navigation (Land) (A) IQ+2 [8]-13; Savoir-Faire (High Society) (E) IQ-1 [1]-10‡; Savoir-Faire (Servant) (E) IQ-1 [1]-10‡; Shield (Buckler) (E) DX+1 [2]-14; Spear (A) DX+2 [8]-15; Stealth (A) DX+2 [8]-15; Survival (Desert) (A) Per+2 [8]-14; Throwing (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Thrown Weapon (Knife) (E) DX+2 [4]-15; Thrown Weapon (Spear) (E) DX+2 [4]-15; Tracking (A) Per+1 [4]-13.
Techniques: Evade (Acrobatics) (A) [1]-15; Sweep (Spear) (H) [2]-13.


* Conditional +1 from 'Fit'.
† Includes +1 from 'Combat Reflexes'.
‡ Includes -1 from 'Oblivious'.