Julian Dawes

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Name Julian Dawes
Race Solomani
Homeworld ?
Occupation Ship Gunner
Status NPC (Living)



The Dawes family line has long served the Imperium Navy, usually with distinction and honor. It is not an exaggeration to say that they've fought in every major conflict that the Imperium has found itself in and there is a running joke within the family that a Dawes has died in every single Imperium war going all the back to the first conflict between Earth and Vilani. Julian grew up knowing he would serve because The Family expected it, even though he didn't know if he actually wanted to do so. While in uniform, he naturally matriculated to weapons where he was unquestionably the best gunner in his division. Unfortunately for him, he was a little reckless and easily bored, so he tended to get into fights a lot. Being a big guy, he won more than his fair share of those fights which meant he was always popular to have around when his fellow crewmen went trolling bars, especially if those bars had marines in them. Six years into his promising career, Jewels found himself in one such bar on Regina, fighting yet another nameless marine. What he didn't know at the time was that marine was distantly related to the current planetary governor and, after Jewels humiliated the poor jarhead, strings would be pulled. Before he fully knew what was happening, Gunnery Chief Dawes was hauled before a military court, stripped of his rank and discharged from the service for "conduct unbecoming" and "assaulting a superior officer." His family, utterly horrified at one of their own getting kicked out, abandoned him like a hot potato which left him with nothing. Thankfully, Admiral Gloval, who had been monitoring the situation, swooped in and offered him a job. Dawes accepted immediately and is now utterly loyal to the retired admiral.