Kendal Easting

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Name Kendal Easting
Race Solomani
Homeworld Yres
Occupation Ship Engineer
Status NPC (Living)



Born on Yres, Kendal had an unremarkable youth whose only bright spot was his long-time best friend and eventual fiancée, Celina. Basically inseparable from the time they met (at the age of five), the two had plans to marry and relocate from their homeworld to the sector capital where they could start a new life away from the bustle of modern life. Doing so would be expensive, though, so Kendal enlisted in the Imperium navy, hoping that a tour of duty would allow him to earn enough money to accomplish this feat. While serving as a junior enlisted engineer, his abilities came to the notice of Enzo Arabejo, then a sub-lieutenant, who repeatedly abused the talents of the gullible young man; this is not to say there was actual abuse, only that Arabejo simply piled more work on Kendal than was probably appropriate for his rank and Easting took it without question. As his tour of duty drew to a close, Kendal learned that tragedy had struck back on Yres: Celina had been killed along with every man, woman and child in their native underwater habitat at the hands of a massive Vargr raid.* This shattered Kendal who blamed himself for Celina's death and he spent the next several months in a daze. Rather than re-enlist, he exited the service and found a job as a repair tech on Regina ... until his former commanding officer, Enzo Arabejo, came calling one day, seeking him out for a new job aboard the "Aimless Pilgrim."

  • Raid is referenced in "Traveller: Behind the Claw" p79