Naritpal Mahoney

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Name Naritpal Mahoney
Country  UK
Affil. MI5
Role CBRNE Spec.
Status PC (Living)

Actor: Naveen Andrews





Royal Marine, EOD expert, recruited/selected as a SBS operator (Highest rank attained: Sergeant <OR-6>). Upon leaving the service was recruited as a MI-5 counter-terrorism task-force agent. He is both an EOD and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) specialist. Currently on special assignment to Consular Operations. Know as Paul to his English speaking friends/co-workers, and Nari to his family, he was born in Jammu, India. Father was killed in the Kashmir region of India. His mother fled with her children to England where she remarried. Fully adopted by mother's new husband, Naritpal has one older full sister, and three younger half siblings.

Traits (275)

ST 11 [10]; DX 13 [60]; IQ 14* [80]; HT 13† [20].
Damage 1d-1/1d+1; BL 24 lb; HP 11 [0]; Will 14 [0]; Per 14 [0]; FP 13 [0].
Basic Speed 6.25 [-5]; Basic Move 6 [0]; Dodge 10‡.

Social Background

TL: 8 [0].
Languages: Arabic (Accented) [4]; Farsi (Accented) [4].

Templates and Meta-Traits

Demolition Man (Action; p. A1:8) [0]; Military (Action; p. A1:5) [0].


Combat Reflexes [15]; Enhanced Dodge 2 (Dive for Cover) [10]; Extra HT 1 (Affects HT) [10]; Fit [5]; High Manual Dexterity 1 [5]; Legal Enforcement Powers 1 [5]; Luck [15]; Security Clearance (MI-5; ''Need to know'' access to a narrow range of secrets) [5]; Security Rank 1 [5].


Chummy [-5]; Code of Honor (Soldier's) [-10]; Curious (12 or less) [-5]; Delusion (Explosives are safe around me!) [-5]; Duty (15 or less (almost always); Extremely Hazardous; ConOps) [-20]; Intolerance (Jihads; One group) [-5]; Overconfidence (12 or less) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Team) [-5].
Quirks: Acts hard of hearing; Doesn't trust people who don't drink; If it isn't Irish scotch or beer it's crap; Prepper "I have seen too much to believe that the shit isn't going to hit the fan any day!"; Wears Hawaiian shirts when dressing down.. [-5]


Armoury/TL8 (Small Arms) (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Biology/TL8 (Earthlike) (VH) IQ-3 [1]-11; Boating/TL8 (Motorboat) (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Boating/TL8 (Unpowered) (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Body Language (Human) (A) Per-1 [1]-13; Brawling (E) DX+2 [4]-15; Camouflage (E) IQ [1]-14; Carousing (E) HT+1 [2]-14; Chemistry/TL8 (H) IQ-2 [1]-12; Climbing (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Computer Operation/TL8 (E) IQ [1]-14; Criminology/TL8 (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Driving/TL8 (Automobile) (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Engineer/TL8 (Combat) (H) IQ-2 [1]-12; Expert Skill (Military Science) (H) IQ-2 [1]-12; Explosives/TL8 (Demolition) (A) IQ+2 [0]-16; Explosives/TL8 (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) (A) IQ+6 [24]-20; Explosives/TL8 (Fireworks) (A) IQ+2 [0]-16; Explosives/TL8 (Nuclear Ordnance Disposal) (A) IQ+4 [0]-18; Explosives/TL8 (Underwater Demolition) (A) IQ+2 [0]-16; Fast-Draw (Pistol) (E) DX+1 [1]-14§; First Aid/TL8 (Human) (E) IQ [1]-14¶; Gesture (E) IQ [1]-14; Guns/TL8 (Pistol) (E) DX+2 [4]-15; Guns/TL8 (Rifle) (E) DX+1 [1]-14; Guns/TL8 (Shotgun) (E) DX+1 [1]-14; Hazardous Materials/TL8 (Biological) (A) IQ+1 [4]-15; Hazardous Materials/TL8 (Chemical) (A) IQ+1 [4]-15; Hazardous Materials/TL8 (Radioactive) (A) IQ+1 [4]-15; Hiking (A) HT-1 [1]-12; Intelligence Analysis/TL8 (H) IQ-2 [1]-12; Interrogation (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Judo (H) DX [4]-13; Knife (E) DX+1 [2]-14; Leadership (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Lockpicking/TL8 (A) IQ [2]-14**; Mechanic/TL8 (Automobile) (A) IQ [2]-14††; Navigation/TL8 (Land) (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; NBC Suit/TL8 (A) DX+1 [4]-14; Parachuting/TL8 (E) DX [1]-13; Professional Skill (Tradecraft) (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Scuba/TL8 (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Search (A) Per [2]-14; Soldier/TL8 (A) IQ-1 [1]-13; Throwing (A) DX-1 [1]-12; Traps/TL8 (A) IQ [2]-14.


* Conditional -1 from 'Chummy' when alone.
† Includes +1 from 'Extra HT'; Conditional +1 from 'Fit'.
‡ Includes +1 from 'Combat Reflexes'; Conditional +2 from 'Enhanced Dodge (Dive for Cover)'.
§ Includes +1 from 'Combat Reflexes'.
¶ Conditional +1 from 'First Aid Kit'.
** Conditional +1 from 'High Manual Dexterity' when performing DX-based tasks.
†† Conditional +1 from 'High Manual Dexterity' when performing fine DX-based tasks.