Randel Sherit

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Name Rad Sherit
Race Solomani
Homeworld Heroni
Occupation Ship Crewman
Status NPC (Living)


  • Disgruntled gunner who wants adventure but is too paranoid to leave the ship


Almost. That's seemingly Rad's lot in life. He "almost" graduated top of his class on Regina (technically, he was number 3, but everyone knew that #2's mom bribed the judging committee.) He "almost" had a perfect score in Boot on the starship gunnery simulators - 1 point shy and all of the instructors presumed it was a computer malfunction so they threw it out and made him retake the sim while jacking up the difficulty.) He "almost" got his dream position aboard a ship-of-the-line; he was selected for it, but a typo in his name - Sharit instead of the proper Sherit - kept him grounded until long after the warship had departed. And so, because of all of those "almosts," he ended up in the butt crack of nowhere, manning a remote observation post by himself, with only the station computer for company, despite not having the training for that duty. He still can't go into detail about where this took place or what he saw there, but however it played out, he met or interacted with Admiral Gloval during this period of time and, when Sherit's tour of duty ended - it "almost" didn't since Command "almost" forgot to let him know that they'd decommissioned his facility more than a year earlier! - the now retired admiral offered him a position aboard the Aimless Pilgrim ... though whether that was out of misplaced guilt for being in the very command structure that had nearly forgotten about one of their people is up in the air. As a result of his so-called career basically amounting to him sitting in a box for six years, he wants adventure! At the same time, he now always expects the worst to happen...

Why Rad? Because where he grew upon, on the hellworld of Heroni, radiation is always a major threat and he spent the first eight years of his life being reminded by his father to check his radiation-counter with a simple "Rad?" When he later passed on that story to others, it became a nickname that followed him wherever he went.


  • Cowardly Lion
  • Mauve Shirt