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When rolling up a random crewman for whatever reason, roll a [d20] to determine the "Archetype," and 3d6 (as for a Reaction) for "Quality." For an archetype result of "Special Case," some quality levels include suggestions (Spc:). For lower quality levels, as indicated, roll 1d6 to determine the "Bad Egg" archetype, which will supersede or modify the regular one.


  1. The Big Guy
  2. The Little Guy
  3. The Family Man
  4. The Ladies' Man
  5. The Quiet One
  6. The Talker
  7. The Rookie
  8. The Veteran
  9. The Joker/Entertainer
  10. The Downer/Pessimist
  11. The Saint
  12. The Scoundrel
  13. The Gambler
  14. The Salesman
  15. The Know-It-All
  16. The Sheep-Dog
  17. The Outsider
  18. The Organizer
  19. [Special Case]
  20. [Roll Twice]


Result Skill Level $/Mo Extra
Excellent SK18+
Very Good SK16 (Specialist) $700 Spc: The [Specialist], The Savant
Good SK14 (Able Seaman) $425
Neutral SK12 (Ordinary Seaman) $350 Spc: The Whoopsie, The Woman-In-Disguise, The Heathen, The Weirdo
Poor Min (Landsman) $275 1=The Screw-Up; 2=The Dreamer; 3=The Hothead; 4=The Coward; 5=The Contrarian; 6=The Half-Wit
Bad SK12 1=The Asshole; 2=The Addict; 3=The Slacker; 4=The Thief; 5=The Geezer; 6=The Suicide
Very Bad SK14 1=The Criminal; 2=The Belligerent; 3=The Madman; 4=The Burke; 5=The Instigator; 6=The Powder-Keg
Disastrous SK16+ 1=The Mutineer; 2=The Griefer; 3=The Silver; 4=The Plague; 5=The Mole; 6=The Jinx

Poor=Annoying, but otherwise harmless. Bad=Could eventually become a problem. Very Bad=Some sort of trouble is more-or-less inevitable. Disastrous=Worst-case scenario.

  • "Burke" is an Aliens reference. Will be fine while things are going normally, but when things go bad, will screw everyone over to save himself.
  • "Griefer" is meant in the online gaming sense, as someone who kicks over sandcastles for no reason other than they exist, and will likely screw over the crew for no "reason" at all.
  • "Silver" is a reference to Long John Silver from Treasure Island, that is, one who enters service with a predetermined agenda to take over, for his own aims, as opposed to the "Mutineer," who takes an immediate dislike to the leadership and decides he would be better suited.