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General locale. Each hex is about 6 miles.

Roman town located about half a day's walk north of Caer Tarian if using the Roman road. With minimal defenses, the small town relies on Caddell ap Ioan for defense and is thus considered part of his domain, albeit grudgingly.

Population: 1000 (Search -1)

Physical and Magical Environment

Terrain: Plains Appearance: Average (+0) Hygiene: -1 Normal Mana

Culture and Economy

Language: Latin, Welsh-Gaelic Literacy: Broken TL: 2 Wealth: Average Status: -2 to 3

Political Environment

Government: Clan/Tribal CR: 3 (Corruption -2) Military Resources: 10,125 Defense Bonus: 4 (improvised fortifications)

The below image is not intended to be an exact match; it is present simply to provide an idea about the general layout and look.