Adric Mason

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Name Adric Mason
Race ?
Homeworld ?
Occupation Ship Captain,
Serial Killer
Status NPC (Deceased)

  • Captain of Black Star
  • Employed Valerie Vaskor as ship's medic, slave
  • Germ-phobe, w/ severe OCD; womanizer
  • PCs(+ship) aboard, 344-1120–350-1120; exposed as serial killer, rescued Valerie Vaskor (Session 2.9)
    • To be tried for multiple counts of murder, enslavement
    • Last seen on Rhylanor at arraignment hearing. Actual trial is scheduled for 083-1123 at Mora.
  • Revealed to be an adherent of the Sylean religion known as Maar Zon on 049-1123. Granted special dispensation for a Trial under the auspices of a kel ten zon ('master of the way' or a Maarist priest) on Mora in lieu of originally intended trial before a criminal court.
  • Killed by Valerie Vaskor on Mora following his acquittal in court on 052-1123.