Valerie Vaskor

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Name Valerie Vaskor
Race Solomani
Homeworld Regina
Occupation Ship's Medic
Status NPC (Living)


  • Recovering abuse victim out to see the galaxy


  • ~23 years old, from Regina
  • Daughter of Richard Vaskor; babysat by Haank many when in his early teens (before his "hitchhiking" period)
  • Dropped out of med school on Regina to go hitchhiking
  • Father "hired" PCs to find her, 282-1120, after she had stopped communicating (Session 1Shot.03):
    • Gone silent ~8 months prior
    • Last letter home sent from Echiste w/ no indication of foul play, indicating next stop as Pirema
    • Served/traveled aboard Empress Prokopia
    • Hired as medical officer aboard Black Star
  • Rescued by PCs from Adric Mason's captivity, aboard high-liner Tukera Expanse, 344-1120–350-1120 (Session 2.9)
  • Shot Adric Mason on Mora on 052-1123, then attempted suicide unsuccessfully; released to the custody of Baronet Sir Korbin Spiirs around 068-1123


  • Ambiguous Disorder - following her self-inflicted gunshot to the head, she's a little off at times
  • Blue and Orange Morality - she's now aware that her gut reaction isn't always the right call so she has turned to using her primary health-care provider Abe to serve as her Morality Pet
  • Dissonant Serenity


Last known image of Valerie, taken at Regina downport before leaving on walkabout