C/S Loki

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Name Mikhail Andrusha Breznikov
Age Early-40s
Country  Russia
Affil. Unknown
Rank Unknown
Role Bio-Weapons Expert
Status Active

Actor: Vladimir Mashkov


"Mad Scientist"



Bio-weapons expert who worked in the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR / Institute of Molecular Biology (this is the Russian equivalent of the CDC) in Kazakhstan. Caught by the SVR for attempting to steal samples from the labs, but managed to escape through unknown means. Currently tops Russian’s WMD watch list. Was actively courting various jihadist organizations … and then he vanished entirely. Most suspected that Russia had assassinated him, but in fact, he began working for them once again, albeit under constant, armed supervision. He was lent to Syria for their bio-weapons program … until he was abducted from Syria by unknown forces.

According to Mackenzie Reilly, those "unknown forces" were Consular Operations Strike Team Charlie, operating under direct orders from the director of operations, Jennifer Harrington. Strike Team Charlie turned him over to allied assets in Iraq at which point Breznikov's location becomes ... confusing and contradictory. C/S Heimdall indicated that LOKI was intended to be smuggled out of the region via Kuwait, but the timeframe does not completely match up. It is suspected that LOKI is responsible for the tragedy that engulfed the MV Perseus, but that is currently only supposition.

His current whereabouts remain unknown.