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Name Anatoly Sergevich Sudokov
Age Early-50s
Country  Russia
Affil. FSB
Rank Colonel
Role Spetsnaz Detachment Commander
Status Active

Actor: Igor Jijikine


"Obsessed Russian Soldier"



Sudokov is a fourth-generation soldier and has a reputation among his peers as a hardliner. Both of his parents were executed in 1993 on the orders of the State Committee on the State of Emergency, aka the so-called “Gang of Eight,” when his father, a general in the Soviet army, resisted their attempted coup and sided with President Gorbachev’s camp. At the time, Sudokov was a newly commissioned junior lieutenant and, coincidentally, was the first officer on the scene to apprehend Boris Karlovich Pugo, the only member of the Gang of Eight who committed suicide rather than face arrest.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Sudokov served in various Spetsnaz units with distinction, specifically with the FSB's Alpha Group, although he has been repeatedly passed over for higher command principally due to his troublesome political ties. In 2010, he officially "retired" from the Russian military, but was promptly recruited into the Federal Security Service (the FSB) to head up an anti-WMD taskforce. It is rumored that he commands the Spetsgruppa "V" (Vympel) Spetsnaz group, but no confirmation of this has ever been made.

Currently, he is known to be pursuing C/S Loki.