Count Para Anjiliac

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Name Para Anjiliac
Race Human
Homeworld Porozlo
Occupation Nobleman,
Count of Porozlo
Status NPC (Living)

  • Fiefholder of Porozlo. As a count, he answers directly to the Duke himself. The following nobles pay homage to him: Sir Vaden Awl, also of Porozlo; Dame Biseis Ligeia of Fulacin; Sir Pavel Uet of Gileden; Dame Lias du Ortis of Kinorb; and Sir Leonid Osma of Macene.
  • Known to be fabulously wealthy.
  • Rumored to be engaged in ongoing hostilities with the Monsaanti-Neogene Corporation over a matter of owed monies ... although the rumor remains unclear on who actually owes the money.
  • Father of Lord Zonno Anjiliac and Lord Mika Anjiliac
  • As his fief on Porozlo, Count Para has opted to establish a floating city named Anjiliac City as well as claiming the entire ocean surrounding it. Anjiliac City is squarely between the nations of Almarac of the so-called Private Ownership Bloc, and Nemso, who heads the equally ill-named "Free Trade Bloc." Due to its placement, the city has become the official meeting grounds for warring factions and is, de facto, neutral territory.
  • Hired the crew to find his youngest son on 347-1122