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Porozlo II

  • Traveller Wiki
  • TL9
  • Holds the fiefdom of Count Para Anjiliac. Also holds the estate of an Imperial knight.
  • No central ruling authority exists. Rival governments compete for control. Heavily balkanized and is recovering from a recent world war. There are two major factions at play on Porozlo, each with many countries answering to it.
    • Private Ownership Bloc - comprises about two fifths of the nations and over half the population of the planet, severely limits the size of corporate concerns by intensive regulation, fearing the ability of large multi-world concerns to influence and dominate local governments. The leader of this bloc is Almarac Federated States, which is also the most populous nation on the planet with 6 billion inhabitants. It also has the most modern starport on Porozlo (at great expense to its citizens) but traffic to it is still very sparse. Other nations under the PO Bloc are Anisinta, Democratic Republic of Digloiotti, Stepozhevac Union, Turin and Vyben.
    • Free Commerce Bloc - contains fewer nations, but is generally more industrialized and technologically advanced, and does not impose limits as do the PO-bloc nations. All but one of the class A starports on Porozlo are in the FC Bloc. The dominant nation of the FC bloc is Nemso who has the most space traffic at Skymarket Downs (aka Porozlo's 'startown') and is the namesake of the highport (Nemso Orbital.) Following the recent war, Nemso has created the Free-Trade Advisory Council to assist underdeveloped nations 'get on their feet' economically; this council is a major source of concern for the PO Bloc because it is perceived as Nemso actively recruiting for additional allies in the ongoing struggle. Other major nations in the Free Trade bloc are Hauvania, Republic of M'Dwailei, Morovic, New Dalmatia and Zenerabi.
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