Gerhard Kansii

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Name Gerhard Kansii
Race Human
Homeworld ?
Occupation Arms Smuggler
Status NPC (Living)

  • Former Imperial Navy-turned-arms-smuggler residing on Porozlo II
  • Works with (perhaps more?) Katelyn
  • Encountered, 213-1120–215-1120
    Session 1.16; Session 1.17
  • Encountered again, last seen on Porozlo II, 012-1121–013-1121
    Session 1Shot.4b; Session 1Shot.4c
    • May still be working with Naval Intelligence; mentioned Project Red Wombat, tasked Sae
  • As of 324-1122, he is a person of interest to Imperial Intelligence which indicates that he is no longer working for Intelligence of any sort.
  • He "helped" Eddy on 347-1122 during Session 4.12.