Gabriel Auditore

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Banestorm: Book II


Name Gabriel Auditore
Race Human
Allegiance Merasiel
Occupation Blademaster
Religion Christian
Status PC (Living)


Sir Gabriel of House Auditore (439 points)

ST 13* [30]; DX 15† [100]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 12‡ [20].
Damage 1d/2d; BL 34 lb; HP 15§ [0]; Will 12 [0]; Per 12 [0]; FP 13 [3].
Basic Speed 7.00 [5]; Basic Move 9 [10]; Dodge 11¶.
5'6"; 13.5 stn.

Social Background

TL: 3 [0].
CF: Christian (Native) [0]; Elven [1]; Muslim [1].
Languages: Anglish (Native) [0]; Arabic (Accented/None) [2]; Elvish (Native/None) [3]; Huallapan (Accented/None) [2]; Latin (Accented) [4].


Ambidexterity [5]; Appearance (Attractive) [4]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Craftiness 3 [15]; Damage Resistance 1 (Tough Skin) [3]; Extra Hit Points 2 (Affects HP) [4]; Fit [5]; Flexibility [5]; Luck (Aspected (Combat)) [12]; Night Vision 4 [4]; Perfect Balance (Chi) [14]; Signature Gear 6 (Misericordia, Edged Rapier) [6]; Striking ST 1 [5]; Unaging (Chi) [14]; Weapon Master (Misericordia, Edged Rapier, and Compatior, 'main gauche'; two weapons normally used together; Stability) [35].
Perks: Brave; Follow-Through Shtick; Grip Mastery (Edged Rapier); Named Possession (Misericordia); Quick-Sheathe (Sword); Quick-Swap (Knife); Quick-Swap (Rapier); Special Exercises (Striking ST +1); Teamwork (The Party); Technique Mastery (Feint (Rapier)); Trademark Move (Kissing the Adder: Rapid Strike with two Deceptive² TA: Vitals at sk: 13); Trademark Move (Mongoose Takes a Viper: Rapid Strike consisting of Feint at sk: 22 followed by a Deceptive² TA: Vitals at sk: 13); Trademark Move (Snow in High Wind: Rapid Strike consisting of a Deceptive² swing at sk:14 and a Deceptive² thrust at sk: 14); Trademark Move (The Wolf Lunges: Rapid Strike consisting of Feint (Rapier) at sk:22 followed by TA: Vitals (Main Gauche) at sk:14); Weapon Bond (Main-Gauche); Weapon Bond (Rapier). [16]


Bloodlust (12 or less) [-10]; Compulsive Generosity (6 or less) [-10]; Compulsive Sword Training (1 hr/day, prefers 2 hours or more.) (12 or less) [-5]; Curious (9 or less) [-7]; Enemy (Order of Talos; medium-sized group, some formidable or super-human; 6 or less) [-15]; Intolerance (Slavers; One group) [-5]; Obsession (Perfect my Art at any cost or price; Long-Term Goal; 12 or less) [-10]; Secret Identity (The Angel of Death; Imprisonment or Exile) [-20]; Sense of Duty (Merasiel; Individual) [-2].
Quirks: In love with Merasiel after 10+ years of living alongside her but does not often verbally declare it; Smiles a lot, even when he's fiercely angry; Tries very, very hard to never lose his temper and to always smile; Was once quite pious but is now convinced that God is a cruel Tyrant in Heaven; Whenever possible, includes white in his clothes. [-5]


Acrobatics (H) DX+1 [10]-16**; Acting (A) IQ+2 [1]-14††; Animal Handling (Equines) (A) IQ-1 [1]-11; Area Knowledge (Christian Lands) (E) IQ [1]-12; Armoury/TL3 (Melee Weapons) (A) IQ-1 [1]-11; Body Language (Human) (A) Per [2]-12; Brawling (E) DX+1 [2]-16; Broadsword (A) DX [1]-15; Camouflage (E) IQ+3 [1]-15††; Climbing (A) DX+4 [2]-19‡‡; Cloak (A) DX-1 [1]-14; Dancing (A) DX-1 [1]-14; Detect Lies (H) Per-1 [2]-11; Diplomacy (H) IQ-2 [1]-10; Disguise/TL3 (Human) (A) IQ+2 [1]-14††; Escape (H) DX-3 [0]-12§§; Fast-Draw (Knife) (E) DX+1 [1]-16¶; Fast-Draw (Sword) (E) DX+1 [1]-16¶; Fast-Talk (A) IQ [2]-12; Filch (A) DX-1 [1]-14; First Aid/TL3 (Human) (E) IQ [1]-12; Gesture (E) IQ [1]-12; Heraldry (A) IQ-1 [1]-11; Holdout (A) IQ+2 [1]-14††; Interrogation (A) IQ-1 [1]-11; Intimidation (A) Will+1 [4]-13; Jitte/Sai (A) DX-3 [0]-12; Jumping (E) DX+1 [2]-16; Knife (E) DX+1 [3]-16; Leadership (A) IQ-1 [1]-11; Lip Reading (A) Per [2]-12; Lockpicking/TL3 (A) IQ+1 [4]-13; Main-Gauche (A) DX+1 [4]-16¶¶; Observation (A) Per [2]-12; Parry Missile Weapons (H) DX-2 [1]-13; Pickpocket (H) DX-2 [1]-13; Rapier (A) DX+4 [52]-19***; Riding (Equines) (A) DX-1 [1]-14; Running (A) HT [2]-12; Savoir-Faire (High Society) (E) IQ [1]-12; Scrounging (E) Per [1]-12; Seamanship/TL3 (E) IQ [1]-12; Search (A) Per-1 [1]-11; Shadowing (A) IQ+3 [2]-15††; Sleight of Hand (H) DX-2 [1]-13; Stealth (A) DX+4 [4]-19††; Streetwise (A) IQ [2]-12; Survival (Desert) (A) Per-1 [1]-11; Survival (Woodlands) (A) Per-1 [1]-11; Swimming (E) HT+1 [2]-13; Tactics (H) IQ-1 [2]-11; Teaching (A) IQ [2]-12; Theology (Christian) (H) IQ-2 [1]-10; Thrown Weapon (Knife) (E) DX [1]-15; Traps/TL3 (A) IQ+1 [4]-13; Urban Survival (A) Per-1 [1]-11; Wrestling (A) DX [2]-15.
Techniques: Acrobatic Stand (Acrobatics) (A) [4]-14; Arm Lock (Wrestling) (A) [0]-15; Armed Grapple (Knife) (H) [0]-14; Armed Grapple (Main-Gauche) (H) [0]-14; Armed Grapple (Rapier) (H) [0]-17; Back Strike (Knife) (H) [0]-14; Back Strike (Main-Gauche) (H) [0]-14; Back Strike (Rapier) (H) [0]-17; Bind Weapon (Main-Gauche) (H) [0]-13; Bind Weapon (Rapier) (H) [0]-16; Breakfall (Wrestling) (A) [0]-15; Choke Hold (Wrestling) (H) [0]-12; Close Combat (Main-Gauche) (H) [0]-12; Close Combat (Rapier) (H) [3]-17; Counterattack (Brawling) (H) [0]-11; Counterattack (Knife) (H) [0]-11; Counterattack (Main-Gauche) (H) [0]-11; Counterattack (Rapier) (H) [4]-17; Disarming (Knife) (H) [0]-16; Disarming (Main-Gauche) (H) [0]-16; Disarming (Rapier) (H) [2]-20; Dual-Weapon Attack (Knife) (H) [0]-12; Dual-Weapon Attack (Main-Gauche) (H) [0]-12; Dual-Weapon Attack (Rapier) (H) [0]-15; Dual-Weapon Defense (Rapier) (H) [2]-13; Evade (Acrobatics) (A) [2]-18; Feint (Brawling) (H) [0]-16; Feint (Knife) (H) [0]-16; Feint (Rapier) (H) [5]-23; Fighting While Seated (Knife) (H) [0]-14; Ground Fighting (Knife) (H) [0]-12; Ground Fighting (Main-Gauche) (H) [0]-12; Ground Fighting (Rapier) (H) [0]-15; Low Fighting (Knife) (H) [0]-14; Low Fighting (Main-Gauche) (H) [0]-14; Low Fighting (Rapier) (H) [3]-19; Retain Weapon (Knife) (H) [0]-16; Retain Weapon (Main-Gauche) (H) [0]-16; Retain Weapon (Rapier) (H) [3]-21; Reverse Grip (Knife) (A) [0]-10; Reverse Grip (Main-Gauche) (A) [0]-10; Reverse Grip (Rapier) (A) [0]-13; Spinning Strike (Knife) (H) [0]-14; Spinning Strike (Rapier) (H) [0]-17; Springing Attack (Rapier) (H) [0]-17; Targeted Attack (Brawling Thrust/Face) (H) [0]-11; Targeted Attack (Knife Thrust/Vitals) (H) [0]-13; Targeted Attack (Main-Gauche Thrust/Vitals) (H) [3]-15; Targeted Attack (Rapier Swing/Neck Vein/Artery) (H) [0]-11; Targeted Attack (Rapier Swing/Neck) (H) [0]-14; Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Face) (H) [0]-14; Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Hand) (H) [0]-15; Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Neck) (H) [2]-15; Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Torso Chinks) (H) [3]-13; Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Vitals Chinks) (H) [3]-11; Targeted Attack (Rapier Thrust/Vitals) (H) [3]-18; Toe Flip (Fast-Draw (Sword)) (A) [2]-13; Wrist Lock (Wrestling) (A) [0]-15.


* Conditional +1 from 'Striking ST'.
† Conditional +3 from 'Flexibility' when ignoring penalties for working in close quarters.
‡ Conditional +1 from 'Fit'.
§ Includes +2 from 'Extra Hit Points'.
¶ Includes +1 from 'Combat Reflexes'.
** Includes +1 from 'Perfect Balance'.
†† Includes +3 from 'Craftiness'.
‡‡ Includes +3 from 'Flexibility', +1 from 'Perfect Balance'.
§§ Includes +3 from 'Flexibility'.
¶¶ Conditional +1 from 'Weapon Bond (Main-Gauche)'.
*** Conditional +1 from 'Weapon Bond (Rapier)'.


1× Backpack, Small ($94; 10 lb); 1× Boots ($80; 3 lb); 1× Climbing Gear ($20; 4 lb); 1× Compatior (Sai; Weapon Master Damage Bonus; Weapon Bond; Fine Quality; ~Penetrating Weapon (+1); ~Puissance (+1); $16740; 1.5 lb); 1× Leather Gloves ($30); 1× Light Cloak ($20; 2 lb); 1× Lockpicks ($50); 1× Misericordia (Light Edged Rapier; Hilt Punch; Signature Gear; Weapon Master Damage Bonus; Weapon Bond; Fine Quality; ~Penetrating Weapon (+1) (_Free); $2800; 2.25 lb); 1× Personal Basics ($5; 1 lb); 1× Plate, Light (Arms, Legs; ~Fortify (Arms, Legs) (+3); ~Lighten (Arms, Legs) (x1/2); $16746; 6 lb); 1× Plate, Light (Forearms; Expert Tailoring; $1500; 1.7 lb); 1× Pouch ($996; 9.09 oz); 1× Racehorse ($4000); 1× Steel Corselet (Masterful Tailoring; ~Deflect (All) (+2); ~Fortify (All) (+1); ~Lighten (Groin, Torso and Vitals) (x1/2); $61485; 12.25 lb); 1× Whetstone ($5; 1 lb); 16× Coin: Copper Farthing ($16; 5.12 oz); 2× Bandages ($20; 4 lb); 2× Traveler's Rations ($4; 1 lb); 30× Coin: Silver Penny ($120; 1.92 oz); 4× Coin: Gold Mark ($800; 2.05 oz).


[None]: Basic 34 lb. Ground Move 9 yd; Water Move 1 yd; Jump 9 yd. Dodge 11.
Light: Basic 68 lb. Ground Move 7 yd; Water Move 1 yd; Jump 7 yd. Dodge 10.
Medium: Basic 102 lb. Ground Move 5 yd; Water Move 1 yd; Jump 5 yd. Dodge 9.
Heavy: Basic 204 lb. Ground Move 3 yd; Water Move 1 yd; Jump 3 yd. Dodge 8.
X-Heavy: Basic 340 lb. Ground Move 1 yd; Water Move 1 yd; Jump 1 yd. Dodge 7.


Parry: 12 (Main-Gauche). Block: 11 (Cloak). Dodge: 11. DR: 7+1 (Torso).

Melee Attacks

Brawling • Punch (16): 1d-1 cr. Reach C.
Brawling • Bite (16): 1d-1 cr. Reach C.
Brawling • Kick (14): 1d cr. Reach C,1.
Compatior Sai • Jitte/sai swing (13): 2d+1(2) cr. Reach 1.
Compatior Sai • Jitte/sai thrust (13): 1d+2(2) imp. Reach 1.
Compatior Sai • Main-gauche swing (17): 2d+5(2) cr. Reach 1.
Compatior Sai • Main-gauche thrust (17): 1d+4(2) imp. Reach 1.
Misericordia Light Edged Rapier • Swing (20): 2d+4(2) cut. Reach 1.
Misericordia Light Edged Rapier • Thrust (20): 1d+4(2) imp. Reach 1.
Misericordia Light Edged Rapier • Hilt Punch (16): 1d+1(2) cr. Reach C.

Ranged Attacks

Compatior Sai (16): 1d+3(2) imp. Range 11 yd / 21 yd. RoF 1. Shots T(1).
Light Cloak (14): spec.. Acc 1. Range 2 yd. RoF 1. Shots T(1).



Born in Craine, Megalos, to wealthy aristocratic parents who were secretly Assassins descended from Italian Banestorm refugees. Birth name is Gabriel of House Auditore. He is the third son.

1980 (2):

Baby sister, Claudia, is born.

1988 (10):

Participates in his first assassination where he is used as a decoy. At the time, he thinks this is an awesome game cause he isn’t truly aware of what his family does.

1990 (12):

Eldest brother is killed while on a mission. It will later be revealed that said brother was captured and thoroughly interrogated.

1992 (14):

House Auditore is targeted for extermination by some of their victims. Only Gabriel and his father, Claudius, manage to survive and escape, although the elder Auditore is badly injured and will never fully recover. They flee west into Caithness, specifically Durham. The events of Banestorm: Lingering Wounds

1994 (16):

Claudius finally succumbs to his injuries after having extracted from Gabriel a vow to not seek revenge upon the nobles who targeted the Auditores. The events of Banestorm: Widow's Kiss. As soon as his father is laid to rest, Gabriel heads east, vengeance in his heart. For the next four years, he will haunt the western cities of Megalos, targeting select individuals whom he knows to have been part of the grand conspiracy. He uses Caithness as cover and invariably retreats there if the situation becomes too bleak.

1998 (20):

Gabriel returns to Craine on the trail of the last noble family he knows to be involved in his family’s death. He is instantly entranced by the lordling’s new wife and eventually learns that this is an arranged and loveless marriage. After helping him murder the lordling, they consummate an illicity relationship … but come the morning, she raises the armcry with the story that Gabriel (going then by “Julius of House Firenza”) murdered her husband before raping her. Gabriel narrowly escapes capture and flees. He turns to the Church for sanctuary, fully intending upon hiding there for a while before making good his escape.

1999 (21):

Word reaches “Brother Gabriel” (who has become a tolerably decent monk) that the Lady who used him has been put to death on charges of murder; her third husband has died a mysterious death. The bishop of the monastery then reveals to Gabriel that he knew the Auditores and actually enlisted their services a time or two (which sours Gabe on religion somewhat – he’s pious, but has no patience for clergy or the Church as an institution since he believes all priests are corrupt.) That night, fearing that the bishop means to use his skills for dark purposes, he flees into Caithness. Over the few years, he spends a great deal of time living in the mud among the peasantry with only his father’s sword to his name. He gains a great deal of compassion for the down-trodden. The events of Banestorm: Mercy Kill.

2000 (22):

The events of Banestorm: Old Friends. The events of Banestorm: Foul Wretches.

2001 (23):

Narrowly escaped the fall of Blythe when it fell to Saurians. His employer, a merchant he knew as Fat Tom, was not as lucky, and Gabriel lost a fine horse he’d spent a lot of money on. The events of Banestorm: First Impressions.

2002 (24):

Spends about a year in Harkwood. Becomes romantically involved with Miratáriel, an elf lass whose name he can barely pronounce – he calls her Mira because that's at least part of her name – but their relationship ends amicably when she realizes that he's getting restless. It isn't until after he leaves Harkwood that he realizes Mira helped him get past the last of the lingering anger and rage he'd been suffering from since his youth. While in Harkwood, he briefly establishes the identity of Gavriel Costigan, a Megalan dancing master. The events of Banestorm: Three Dances.

2005-2006 (27-28):

Dark Clouds Rising I. Auqui becomes Gabriel’s student.

2006-2008: (28-30) The Huallapan Crusade

The events of Banestorm: King’s Gambit. The events of Banestorm: Murky Waters. The events of Banestorm: Missed Opportunities. The events of Banestorm: War Footing. The events of Banestorm: Wet Work.

2009: (31)

The events of Banestorm: Dragon Mark

2010: (32)

Gabriel and Auqui clash. The events of Banestorm: Blood Vow. Auqui departs Caithness; Gabriel pursues. The events of Banestorm: High Ground.

2012: (34)

The events of Banestorm: Blood and Snow

2013: (35)

The events of Banestorm: Angel of Death. The events of Banestorm: Highway Robbery.

2014: (36)

The events of Banestorm: Bitter Homecoming Dark Clouds Rising, Book II resumes. The events of Banestorm: Into Shadow. The events of Banestorm: Shadows Linger. The events of Banestorm: Journey's End.

2014 to 2016: (36 to 38)

For two years, Gabriel and Merasiel are involved in the abolitionist cause, she because of Intolerance (Slavers) and he because he has nothing better to do. Perhaps she mentions her "list" and they agree to 'speed up the process' for those on it? His own intolerance toward Templars wanes once he discovers they aren't as bad as he thought, but he grows to hate slavers with as much passion as Mera does. (Intolerance is swapped: Templars to Slavers). Together, the two cause a great deal of damage to organized slave-taking (in Arabic and Christian lands alike), generally making considerable effort to remain unknown and make those connected to their targets believe that rival slavers are responsible. They are wildly successful and Gabe realizes he is not as bothered by doing assassiny things when the target is a POS. During this time, they visit some elves in Cardiel and Gabriel is forced to leave Cometes behind as the horse is growing too old. While visiting these elves, Gabriel learns that he is no longer aging like a normal man which disturbs him greatly; none of the elves can tell him why though all agree it seems connected to his tattoos. Based on later campaign developments, the two have a child they name Thorondil and leave with elven foster parents to rear so it is likely that this is when that transpires. In 2016, while being assassiny in al-Wazif, they learn that Gestlin has been identified as a threat and targeted. They travel to Tredroy to deal with this threat and end up having to get the wizard clear of the city. He is only too happy to do so.

2016 to 2020: (38 to 42)

Gabe and Merasiel escort Gestlin to Araterre where they spend some time. In 2020, the "Incident" happens involving their son and, after the roaring rampage of revenge that Gabe and Mera do, she takes the child to Harkwood while Gabe stays with Gestlin and does what he can to attract attention from any potential threats. Banestorm: Taken, Part One and Part Two.

2020 to 2023: (42 to 45)

Gabe finds himself accompanying Gestlin north where they run afoul of Rainald's people. When they reach Sahud, Gabe's fighting style is such that it draws much attention and he learns a great deal as well. It is around Year 9 that Gabe learns Gestlin has also been secretly studying him since, as far as Gestlin can tell, Gabriel is now Unaging (thanks to those damned magical tattoos). The two men have fierce words and Gabriel vanishes in the night, abandoning Gestlin.

2023 to 2024: (45 to 46)

Gabe returns to Megalos and spends some time at that now abandoned fortress where he gained his dragon-mark. He is discomfited when he realizes that it has been empty for decades, probably since he left it, and all of the crazy training rooms ... don't exist. He seeks out Merasiel once more.

2029: (51)

Banestorm: Chance Meetings.