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Banestorm: Book II


Name Merasiel
Race Elf
Allegiance Gabriel Auditore
Occupation Assassin
Religion None/The Eternal
Status PC (Living)

Knife-throwing she-elf from the past...


Merasiel Alethmeist born to Tenethil and Merasa Alethmist in Estrelere. Her parents are scouts and are rarely home. Merasiel is primarily raised by the community at large, with her permanent living arrangements being with the Elder Oronthil and his wife, who happen to have a son named Beleguin, who is about Merasiel's age.


Merasiel falls from the upper balcony of the Elder's Apartments while practicing balancing on the railings. She suffers very little injury, even though those nearby swore that she landed on her neck at a bad angle.


Merasiel's parents are killed in an orcish raid. Merasiel takes their place as a scout for the elves and is frequently away from home. More and more of the time she has in Estrelere is spent with Belaguin.


Merasiel and Belaguin declare their affection for each other. Groundwork is laid for a wedding, however plans are put on hold due to another orcish incursion into the area. Merasiel is once again sent on frequent patrols into the forest.


Events of Banestorm: Time Lost occur. Merasiel and Mendelel travel to Mortuturesihad and are frozen in time.


Merasiel and Mendelel awoken via the actions of the party.

2005ce through 2008ce

Out of a sense of gratitude from freeing them from their time prison, Merasiel and Mendelel agree to aid the group in the Huallapan Crusades before returning home.


Merasiel considers her debt repaid through service and leaves for home with Mendelel. They pass through Harkwood and marvel at all of the elves they see in town and spend the winter there before striking out for Estrelere.


Merasiel and Mendelel arrive home in late April only to find what's left of Estrelere a ruin. Best they can tell, it was destroyed not too long after they were frozen. A great sadness comes over Mendelel. Alternatively, rage overtakes Merasiel over all that she lost in the years they were locked away and that she wasn't there to protect her people. They both return to Harkwood.

2009ce (Midsummer)

While in Harkwood, Mendelel locates survivors of Estrelere's destruction when he meets Mira, daughter of a pair of the displaced elves, Belaguin and his wife, Erianil. They are living in a small settlement a day's journey outside the city towards the west, called Estrelerîn. He breaks the news to Merasiel, who seems to take this in stride.

2009ce (Fall)

Merasiel departs Harkwood without warning just before winter sets in. She leaves no indication of where she is going, although when questioned, a guard reports a cloaked figure departing the city just before daybreak and striking out to the east. Mendelel settles with the remainder of his relocated kin.

2010ce through 2011ce

Merasiel travels gradually eastward through the city of Donlis, then by river towards Keyhole Bay. Just before the city of Raphael, she is thrown off the boat when she slaughters two of the men who try to pin her down in her bunk and rape her. Disgusted with humanity, mourning the loss of her home and love and angry over the hand fate has dealt her, she decides to make her own fate and vows to cleanse as much scum from Yrth as she can before she dies. She takes her first assassination assignment when she arrives in Raphael. She decides that she enjoys meting out justice and begins actively seeking jobs in the towns where she spends any significant length of time.


Merasiel appears in Hyrnan. Later that year, an uproar is caused in one of the noble houses when the patriarch goes missing. Rumors circulate that he had made a foolish move against one of his rival houses. Events of Banestorm: Mercy (first part) occur.


Merasiel last job in Hyrnan is completed, but in a messier fashion than expected. She is paid with her life and freedom, but is encouraged to leave town while she can. This time she departs for the west. Events of Banestorm: Remembrance Part I, Part II and Part III occur.


Merasiel stops in Craine looking for work. Events of Banestorm: Mercy (second part) occur. She reunites with the fab five (now six) and once again finds herself in their debt. She stays with them, initially thinking to only stay until her debt towards them has once again been repaid. However, she eventually realizes that it's good to be able to trust again.