Jason Walters

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Name Jason Walters
Age 27
Status NPC (Living)
@PCs Ally (BK)

Actor: Nathan Jones


Former NFL player turned (mostly failed) businessman with a slice of vigilante




For the GM

  • Narrative: He's a trouble magnet. Try as he might, Jason can't avoid bad crap coming at him. Naturally, he's going to end up getting sucked into Roland's pseudo-crusade...


  • High school buddy of Roland Ritter who was star athlete (football, wrestling)
  • Went pro in his junior year of college where he quickly gained a reputation due to being one of the largest (he's 6'11" after all) and strongest players in the league; as a result of his abnormal size and ability, he was frequently drug-tested to ensure he wasn't roiding out.
  • Not being very business-minded, he relied on his older sister, Susan, to manage his finances which she did very well. His is the face of the "Power Surge!" energy drink as a result.
  • Several years ago, while in Knight City to promote an action movie that Jason starred in - "Operation: Beowulf", an action-adventure about a superhumanly strong guy who is forced to work for a secret government organization - he and his sister were caught in a drive-by. Susan died instantly and Jason spent the next six months in the hospital, much of it in a near-coma.
  • Upon release from the hospital, Jason faced long months of rehab as well as being let go by the NFL - understandably so since he couldn't exactly play anymore.