Lili Uta'i

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Name Lili Uta'i
Race Solomani
Homeworld ?
Occupation Pilot
Status NPC (Living)




A born spacer, Lee grew up in the spacelanes on her family's boat, making a constant run between Porozlo and Regina. Both of her parents were loyal citizens of the Imperium and impressed upon her the sense of duty she carries to this very day. Eventually, however, she reached the age where she needed to stretch her wings and, at her parents' recommendation, enlisted in the Imperium Navy. At first, she thrived, being an excellent pilot already with a keen sense of how much a craft could handle, but her great size - she's only a few centimeters shy of 2 meters in height - soon caused her trouble, both in and out of uniform. Few Imperium cockpits were sized to her (although she learned to compensate) which was problematic enough, but her fellow Naval officers were alternately aroused or intimidated by how big she is, which led to more than a few altercations, especially when she had to aggressively say "No." This led her to becoming more and more cynical over time as she grew to distrust nearly all of her fellow Naval officers ... until she came to serve under (then)-Captain Gloval who actually did walk the walk. When she separated from the Service after a six-year term, Gloval was the only positive memory she had of her time in uniform. Upon returning to her parents' ship, she found that she had outgrown it ... and they could see this as well. When Admiral Gloval reached out to her because he wanted her to be his pilot, she gladly accepted and, at her father's request, took her youngest brother along with her in the hopes that he would learn some discipline.