Marco Uta'i

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Name Marco Uta'i
Race Solomani
Homeworld ?
Occupation Ship Engineer
Status NPC (Living)


  • Foolhardy deckhand who might be more trouble than he's worth


The youngest member of the family, Marco grew up surrounded by highly competent and very dedicated professionals that quickly caused him to chafe. He grew increasingly reckless and foolhardy, taking risks when none were warranted. On no less than three planets, he ended up getting into fights with locals that resulted in his family losing contracts; on a fourth world, they were chased off because the planetary governor found Marco in bed with his two daughters although, to this day, Marco insists that they seduced him, not the other way around. Exasperated and bleeding money because of his antics, his parents attempted to enroll him in the Imperium military (to learn discipline) but he washed out of Basic due to his inability to conform; he was certainly technically proficient, but kept acting up and goofing off, convinced that he did not have to follow the same rules that everyone else did. Conveniently enough for his family, his elder sister, Lee, who Marco had hero-worshipped from an early age, had just completed her own term of service with the Imperium so, in true familial fashion, they dumped him on her lap, hoping she could knock some sense into him. When her former commanding officer, Admiral Gloval, offered her a job, she took Marco with her, hoping that time away from their family and with people who wouldn't put up with his crap would help...


  • Compulsive Carousing
  • Wannabe Casanova