Magnifico the Clown

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Banestorm: Book II


Name Magnifico
Race Human
Allegiance Malcolm Wallace
Occupation Actor/musician/singer
Religion Christian
Status PC (Living large)

Born in Wallace, son of a seamstress and a soldier of uncertain identity.
1969 (5)
Begins performing on the street corners of Wallace.
1994 (30)
Firmly established as a street performer of note in Wallace, and as an actor on the legitimate stage.
2000 (20)
First appearance of Magnifico with Lord Wallace's Men. A silent but acclaimed walk-on in the one-act play The Bloodye Murder of the Fowle Prince Romero and His Enormous-Bosomed Wyfe, as Left Bosom.
2001 (37)
First appearance at the court of Lord William Wallace, entertaining at a feast for emissaries of al-Haz.
2003 (39)
Acclaimed triple role of Polonnaise/Rozenstern/Fourteenbrasse in Lord Wallace's Men's production of The Pitifull Tragedie of Hamnet, Prince of Dunmarque.
2004 (38)
Acclaimed role of Asbury in Lord Wallace's Men's production of Love's Labour's Won.
2005 (41)
Book I. Starring role of Willie Lorax in Lord Strange's Men's production of The Death of Marvin Mooneye, a production that briefly tours western Caithness. Introduced to Brother Mendel, Rainald, Dane and Gabriel by Malcolm, son of Lord Wallace.
2006 (42)
The Huallapan Crusade
2008 (44)
Returned from the Crusade; knighted and granted Cawdor Manor. a cattle estate north of Wallace. (The Fall of Cawdor).
2014 (50)
Book II. Recruited for mission to find the missing Lord Wallace.