Rodham Malfoy

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Banestorm: Book II


Name Rodham Malfoy
Race Human
Allegiance Lord Defiant
Occupation Knight
Religion Christian
Status NPC (living)

Sir Rodham Malfoy was a landed knight of Donlis and Lord Commander of the prestigious Iron Lancers. His skill with the greatsword is famous and proven many times. He was a regular at the summer tournament held by Baron Fenmarc of Harkwood and has been named tournament champion several times.

The Huallapan Crusade (During)

A month prior to the battle at the last hive, the Iron Lancers were across the river in the village of Tooktook. Malcolm Wallace said he needed the Iron Lancers at the hive for the final push and Sir Malfoy gave his word that they would be there. Just prior to leaving, Sir Boris Marsden and his men arrived with new orders to remain in Tooktook. These orders apparently came direct from Lord Marsden and Lord Lathan Redbeard, but gave no good reason for remaining in the village. Not wanting to break his word to Wallace, as the Iron Lancer would be vital to attack plan, Sir Malfoy ordered his troops to march from the village. After an exchange that nearly saw friendly units engage one another, the Iron Lancer left to join Wallace, but not after Sir Marsden promised there would be consequences for his insubordination.

The Huallapan Crusade (Post)

When the Iron Lancers return to Ytarria, Sir Malfoy learned that he had been dishonoured and his land and titles forfeit. His family had been evicted from the family home and were forced to take refuge at the Donlis monastery. For several weeks Sir Malfoy and his family remained at the monastery while seeking more permanent living arrangements. Arriving home one day from a hunt, Sir Malfoy found his family (wife and young son) murdered hanging from a tree. His wife had a distinctive coin tied around her neck. This copper coin with a square hole in the centre was known to be one that Sir Boris Marsden would always play with. Sir Malfoy swore vengeance and hunted down Boris Marsden, killed him and hung him from a tree with his own entrails.

Book III: Embers of Defiance

Following his return to Caithness, Ser Dane Sardock expended many favors to lift Ser Malfoy's exile to which the knight remained eternally grateful. In 2035, when the now Lord Sardock began assembling an expedition to reclaim Castle Defiant, Ser Malfoy immediately signed on and, following his old friend's death, has seemingly transferred his allegiance to young Master Finn. He currently serves as Defiant's castellan.