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  • Reference TL: 8
  • Reference Culture: Western
  • Reference Language: English
  • Magic System: [TBD]


"No good deed goes unpunished." When does doing the Right Thing™ become wrong? When does doing the Wrong Thing™ become right? Is it worth the consequences?


Varies per individual PCs' solo "show." Overall (Crusaders team-up): dark-side-of-average comic-book crime drama (Ref: Netflix MCU series).


Police Are Useless; Rule of Drama; 20 Minutes Into the Future

Central Tension

Ever-rising tide of criminality and chaos threatens to overwhelm Knight City, and turn it into a third-world war-zone.


  • Expect BBEGs to go after PCs' significant-others/family-members/etc., and show no restraint or mercy. Some of them should die, eventually.
  • Expect law-enforcement to do everything they can to pursue, prosecute, and incarcerate vigilantes, no matter how helpful they may be. PCs' may have to do jail-time.
  • Expect BBEGs to have super-friends, and use them against the PCs.

Intended Features

  • Hacking works on anything with a computer chip (within reason), but it's effectively a (narrative-based only) "superpower," and not just anyone with a keyboard can do it.


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