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  • Merasiel Alethmeist born to Tenethil and Merasa Alethmist in Estrelere. Her parents are scouts and are rarely home. Merasiël is primarily raised by the community at large, with her permanent living arrangements being with the Elder Oronthil and his wife, who happen to have a son named Beleguin, who is about Merasiël's age.


  • Merasiël (20 yoa) falls from the upper balcony of the Elder's Apartments while practicing balancing on the railings. She suffers very little injury, even though those nearby swore that she landed on her neck at a bad angle.


  • Merasiël's (172 yoa) parents are killed in an orcish raid. Merasiël takes their place as a scout for the elves and is frequently away from home. More and more of the time she has in Estrelere is spent with Belaguin.


  • Merasiël (322 yoa) and Belaguin declare their affection for each other. Groundwork is laid for a wedding, however plans are put on hold due to another orcish incursion into the area. Merasiël is once again sent on frequent patrols into the forest.


  • Events of Banestorm: Time Lost occur. Merasiël (326 yoa) and Mendelel travel to Mortuturesihad and are frozen in time.


  • Magnifico the Clown is born in Wallace, son of a seamstress and a soldier of uncertain identity.


  • Magnifico (5 yoa) begins performing on the street corners of Wallace.



  • Dane Sardock is born at Castle Defiant.
  • Gabriel Auditore is born in Craine, Megalos, to wealthy aristocratic parents who were secretly Assassins descended from Italian Banestorm refugees. He is the third son.


  • Mendel (7 yoa) is caught up in a Banestorm and translocated to Yrth. He was quickly fostered by a Church monastery where he was identified as having magery potential. His instruction in the magical arts begins.
  • Rainald North-Hammer is born in Grimswick, a fishing village on the SW coast of the Nomad Lands, son of a sailor/fisherman.


  • People of Castle Defiant start disappearing; Orcs are seen outside the Castle wall. Dane (7 yoa) is given a bow at a young age and is taught how to shoot from the high walls.
  • Gestlin (12 yoa) is swept up in a localized Banestorm and brought to Yrth. He ends up in a Megalean church orphanage.


  • Gestlin (13 yoa) is identified as having magical aptitude and is sent to a sanctioned school.


  • Gabriel (10 yoa) participates in his first assassination where he is used as a decoy. At the time, he thinks this is an awesome game cause he isn’t truly aware of what his family does.


  • Gabriel’s (12 yoa) eldest brother, Raphael, is killed while on a mission. It will later be revealed that said brother was captured and thoroughly interrogated.


  • House Auditore is targeted for extermination by some of their victims. Only Gabriel (14 yoa) and his father, Claudius, manage to survive and escape, although the elder Auditore is badly injured and will never fully recover. They flee west into Caithness, specifically Durham. The events of Banestorm: Lingering Wounds.
  • Rainald’s (12 yoa) father & brother killed in great raid on Kethalos. He leaves to find his uncle, believed to be in mercenary service in Caithness.


  • Rainald (13 yoa) joins his uncle in Caithness; already a “big kid,” he is accepted as his uncle’s shield-bearer. Learns about mercenary work and develops a taste for the local brew.


  • Dane (16 yoa) leaves with Lord Kerin to seek out help for Castle Defiant. Dane is sent to Wallace to ask for help with the incoming refugees from Defiant. Lord Wallace grants refuge for anyone in need. Castle Defiant falls to the Orcs
  • Claudius finally succumbs to his injuries after having extracted from Gabriel (16 yoa) a vow to not seek revenge upon the nobles who targeted the Auditores. The events of Banestorm: Widow's Kiss. As soon as his father is laid to rest, Gabriel heads east, vengeance in his heart. For the next four years, he will haunt the western cities of Megalos, targeting select individuals whom he knows to have been part of the grand conspiracy. He uses Caithness as cover and invariably retreats there if the situation becomes too bleak.
  • Gestlin (21 yoa) accidentally creates Smil-Blam in a magical accident.
  • Magnifico (30 yoa) is firmly established as a street performer of note in Wallace, and as an actor on the legitimate stage
  • Rainald (14 yoa) follows uncle into battle against Deneral of Mershall. Picks up warhammer from fallen foe & put to good use, protecting his wounded uncle from rebel forces. Later names it “Gramjarn” (Wrath-Iron).


  • Rainald’s (15 yoa) uncle’s injury never heals well enough to allow him to continue his mercenary career, so he and Rainald return home and attempt to revive the family fishing (& raiding) business.


  • Dane (18 yoa) becomes a soldier in Lord Wallace’s army and quickly falls in ranks with the archers.


  • Ilanna Hawkeye’s grandfather's talents with bird handling are recognized and he, his wife and their four year old son are relocated to Carrick. He lost an eye when he was younger to an uppity bird that decided to peck it out. A random joke about "Hawkeye" sticks and over the next few years is assumed as their actual last name.


  • Dane (20 yoa) starts to train as a scout and is asked to watch the western desert for any Orc movements.
  • Gabriel (20 yoa) returns to Craine on the trail of the last noble family he knows to be involved in his family’s death. He is instantly entranced by the lordling’s new wife and eventually learns that this is an arranged and loveless marriage. After helping him murder the lordling, they consummate an illicit relationship … but come the morning, she raises the armcry with the story that Gabriel (going then by “Julius of House Firenza”) murdered her husband before raping her. Gabriel narrowly escapes capture and flees. He turns to the Church for sanctuary, fully intending upon hiding there for a while before making good his escape.


  • Word reaches “Brother Gabriel” (21 yoa) (who has become a tolerably decent monk) that the Lady who used him has been put to death on charges of murder; her third husband has died a mysterious death. The bishop of the monastery then reveals to Gabriel that he knew the Auditores and actually enlisted their services a time or two (which sours Gabe on religion somewhat – he’s pious, but has no patience for clergy or the Church as an institution since he believes all priests are corrupt.) That night, fearing that the bishop means to use his skills for dark purposes, he flees into Caithness. Over the few years, he spends a great deal of time living in the mud among the peasantry with only his father’s sword to his name. He gains a great deal of compassion for the down-trodden. The events of Banestorm: Mercy Kill.


  • Dane (22 yoa) starts hearing rumors about missing miners at the mines. With mounting tension growing with King Conall and the Royalists; Dane is asked to stay close to Wallace in case defense is of the Castle is needed.
  • The events of Banestorm: Old Friends. The events of Banestorm: Foul Wretches.
  • Gestlin (27 yoa) leaves the church school to roam Megalos and surrounding countries. He serves as an itinerant teacher, merchant guard, tutor and general do-gooder (or troublemaker.)
  • First appearance of Magnifico (36 yoa) with Lord Wallace's Men. A silent but acclaimed walk-on in the one-act play The Bloodye Murder of the Fowle Prince Romero and His Enormous-Bosomed Wyfe, as Left Bosom.
  • Rainald (20 yoa) finally makes a move on the village hottie, Gertruð, who confesses that, Björn, the eldest son of a jarl and heralded warrior, has preceded him. She explains that she had told Björn that she would answer his proposal upon his return from his father’s foreign trade mission, in five years, and that if “word reached her ears” of Rainald’s Glory™ before Björn’s return, she will marry him instead. Rainald decides to wander South, and take up mercenary work.


  • Gabriel (23 yoa) narrowly escapes the fall of Blythe when it fell to Saurians. His employer, a merchant he knew as Fat Tom, was not as lucky, and Gabriel lost a fine horse he’d spent a lot of money on. The events of Banestorm: First Impressions.
  • Magnifico’s (37 yoa) first appearance at the court of Lord William Wallace, entertaining at a feast for emissaries of al-Haz.
  • Mendel (28 yoa) completes his Church-mandated magical instruction and begins his journey as a wandering healer.
  • Rainald (21 yoa) is captured by Saurians at the fall of Blythe, on his birthday; he escapes before being eaten/executed, aggressively-recovers Gramjarn, and flees north.


  • Gabriel (24 yoa) spends about a year in Harkwood. Becomes romantically involved with Miratáriel, an elf lass whose name he can barely pronounce – he calls her Mira because that's at least part of her name – but their relationship ends amicably when she realizes that he's getting restless. It isn't until after he leaves Harkwood that he realizes Mira helped him get past the last of the lingering anger and rage he'd been suffering from since his youth. While in Harkwood, he briefly establishes the identity of Gavriel Costigan, a Megalan dancing master. The events of Banestorm: Three Dances.


  • Gestlin (30 yoa) meets and studies with an al-Wazifi mage.
  • Magnifico (39 yoa) has acclaimed triple role of Polonnaise/Rozenstern/Fourteenbrasse in Lord Wallace's Men's production of The Pitifull Tragedie of Hamnet, Prince of Dunmarque.


  • Magnifico (40 yoa) has an acclaimed role of Asbury in Lord Wallace's Men's production of Love's Labour's Won


  • Dark Clouds Rising I. Auqui becomes Gabriel’s (27-28 yoa) student.
  • Gestlin (32-33 yoa) joins a traveling band of gypsies.
  • Magnifico (41-42 yoa) has a starring role of Willie Lorax in Lord Strange's Men's production of The Death of Marvin Mooneye, a production that briefly tours western Caithness. Introduced to Brother Mendel (32-33 yoa), Rainald (25-26 yoa), Dane (27-28 yoa) and Gabriel by Malcolm, son of Lord Wallace.
  • Merasiël (326-327 yoa) and Mendelel awoken via the actions of the party.
  • In 2005, Zistral is born.

2006-2008: The Huallapan Crusade

  • The events of Banestorm: King’s Gambit. The events of Banestorm: Murky Waters. The events of Banestorm: Missed Opportunities. The events of Banestorm: War Footing. The events of Banestorm: Wet Work.
  • Magnifico (42-44 yoa) returns from the Crusade; knighted and granted Cawdor Manor. a cattle estate north of Wallace. (The Fall of Cawdor).
  • Out of a sense of gratitude from freeing them from their time prison, Merasiël (327-329 yoa) and Mendelel agree to aid the group in the Huallapan Crusades before returning home. At the conclusion of this war, she considers her debt repaid through service and leaves for home with Mendelel. They pass through Harkwood and marvel at all of the elves they see in town and spend the winter there before striking out for Estrelere.
  • Rainald (26-28 yoa) returns from the Crusade; is knighted and granted holdings in Wallace (on the border of the Great Desert). Returns home to Grimswick to finally get closure with Gertruð, and ends up marrying Hildra instead (A Hard Þing: Rainald’s Seven Years).
  • Events of Matlā Katēsna: Magister Gestlin's Cloak occur on an aternate Yrth.


  • The events of Banestorm: Dragon Mark
  • Merasiël (330 yoa) and Mendelel arrive home in late April only to find what's left of Estrelere a ruin. Best they can tell, it was destroyed not too long after they were frozen. A great sadness comes over Mendelel. Alternatively, rage overtakes Merasiël over all that she lost in the years they were locked away and that she wasn't there to protect her people. They both return to Harkwood. While in Harkwood, Mendelel locates survivors of Estrelere's destruction when he meets Mira, daughter of a pair of the displaced elves, Belaguin and his wife, Erianil. They are living in a small settlement a day's journey outside the city towards the west, called Estrelerîn. He breaks the news to Merasiël, who seems to take this in stride. Merasiël departs Harkwood without warning just before winter sets in. She leaves no indication of where she is going, although when questioned, a guard reports a cloaked figure departing the city just before daybreak and striking out to the east. Mendelel settles with the remainder of his relocated kin.
  • Rainald (31 yoa) is declared outlaw; flees to the mountains with Hildra.


  • Gabriel (32 yoa) and Auqui clash. The events of Banestorm: Blood Vow. Auqui departs Caithness; Gabriel pursues. The events of Banestorm: High Ground.
  • Merasiël (331 yoa) travels gradually eastward through the city of Donlis, then by river towards Keyhole Bay. Just before the city of Raphael, she is thrown off the boat when she slaughters two of the men who try to pin her down in her bunk and rape her. Disgusted with humanity, mourning the loss of her home and love and angry over the hand fate has dealt her, she decides to make her own fate and vows to cleanse as much scum from Yrth as she can before she dies. She takes her first assassination assignment when she arrives in Raphael. She decides that she enjoys meting out justice and begins actively seeking jobs in the towns where she spends any significant length of time.
  • Rainald’s (30 yoa) first son, Ragnar is born


  • The events of Banestorm: Blood and Snow.
  • Merasiël (333 yoa) appears in Hyrnan. Later that year, an uproar is caused in one of the noble houses when the patriarch goes missing. Rumors circulate that he had made a foolish move against one of his rival houses. Events of Banestorm: Mercy (first part) occur.
  • Rainald’s (32 yoa) second son, Arn Rainaldsson is born


  • The events of Banestorm: Angel of Death. The events of Banestorm: Highway Robbery.
  • Gabriel (35 yoa) returns to Caithness, is reunited with Rainald (33 yoa) who is also heading there.
  • Gestlin (40 yoa) hears rumors of a new kind of magic coming out of Caithness and journeys there to investigate. He ends up studying with Mendel.
  • Ilanna Hawkeye’s parents are wed.
  • Merasiël’s (334 yoa) last job in Hyrnan is completed, but in a messier fashion than expected. She is paid with her life and freedom, but is encouraged to leave town while she can. This time she departs for the west. Events of Banestorm: Remembrance Part I, Part II and Part III occur.


  • The events of The events of Banestorm: Bitter Homecoming.
  • Dark Clouds Rising, Book II resumes;
  • Merasiël (335 yoa) stops in Craine looking for work. Events of Banestorm: Mercy (second part) occur. She reunites with the fab five (now six) and once again finds herself in their debt. She stays with them, initially thinking to only stay until her debt towards them has once again been repaid. However, she eventually realizes that it's good to be able to trust again.
  • During this year, Rainald (34 yoa) loses his right eye in a fight. The events of Banestorm: Into Shadow. The events of Banestorm: Shadows Linger. The events of Banestorm: Journey's End.
  • Ilanna Hawkeye’s elder brother is born.
  • Malcolm Wallace returns home to his family and lands and drafts a letter to King Conall in an effort to put an end to the tensions, which have kept the kingdom divided. In that letter he warns the King of the dangers posed by the Order of Talos, and requests an audience with the King. Accompanying the letter to the King is a sealed statement from Lord Commander McDonald of the Knights Templar. The Kings accepts Lord Wallace’s request and a secret meeting is planned for the spring of 2015. Lord Wallace and Ser Sardock (36 yoa) travel in secret to Carrick to meet with King Conall.
  • For the next two years, Gabriel (36 yoa) and Merasiël become involved in the abolitionist cause. Together, the two cause a great deal of damage to organized slave-taking (in Arabic and Christian lands alike), generally making considerable effort to remain unknown and make those connected to their targets believe that rival slavers are responsible. They two become romantically involved during this time.


  • Gabriel (37 yoa) and Merasiël (336 yoa) discover they are going to be parents and, as a result, spend several months in Whiteoak, an elven community in south Cardiel. Gabriel is forced to leave Cometes behind as the horse is growing too old. While visiting these elves, Gabriel learns that he is no longer aging like a normal man which disturbs him greatly; none of the elves can tell him why though all agree it seems connected to his tattoos. Thorondil, their son, is born and the two assassins leave with elven foster parents in Cardiel to rear in accordance with ancient elven tradition for parents with highly dangerous professions.
  • Haruki Nakasato is born. Ilanna Hawkeye is born. Yusuf bin Yusuf is born in Tredroy.


  • Gabriel (38 yoa) and Merasiël (337 yoa) learn that Gestlin (43 yoa) has been identified as a threat and targeted. They travel to Tredroy to deal with this threat and end up having to get the wizard clear of the city. He is only too happy to do so. They escort him to Araterre where they spend some time.
  • Mendel (43 yoa) is elevated to the rank of bishop in Caithness.



  • The events of Banestorm: Taken, Part One and Part Two. Thorondil, the son of Gabriel (42 yoa) and Merasiël (340 yoa) is abducted by Megalean pirates and slavers. With the assistance of Gestlin (47), the two track down their son and the other abductees and kill all of the pirates. The two assassins part, with Merasiël taking their son to Harkwood to find suitable replacement foster parents while Gabriel and Gestlin head north where they encounter Northmen before pressing on to Sahud. Gabriel's fighting style draws much attention from the Sahudese.
  • It is discovered that Ilanna (5 yoa), in addition to learning her family trade, has a knack for the bow. One of King Conall's huntsman owes her father a favor, so in return he begins to teach her archery, hunting and tracking.


  • Rainald (43 yoa) is allowed to "retire" from Lord Wallace's service to his holdings in the country.


  • Gabriel (44 yoa) learns Gestlin (49) has also been secretly studying him since, as far as Gestlin can tell, Gabriel is now Unaging (thanks to those damned magical tattoos). The two men have fierce words and Gabriel vanishes in the night, abandoning Gestlin.
  • During this year, Gestlin Smil-Blams Haruki Nakasato (7 yoa) who gains Gigantism as a result. This might be the reason Gestlin departs Sahud when he does.


  • Gabriel (45 yoa) returns to Megalos and spends some time at that now abandoned fortress where he gained his dragon-mark. He is discomfited when he realizes that it has been empty for decades, probably since he left it, and all of the crazy training rooms ... don't exist. He seeks out Merasiël (344 yoa) once more.


  • Gestlin (51 yoa) has returned to Caithness. He probably begins instructing Arn Rainaldsson (12 yoa) at this time.


  • Nyssa Wallace (15 yoa) is married to Prince Adrian Conall, heir to King Conall and Queen Bronwyn of Durham.
  • Finn Sardock (8 yoa) begins studying magic with Gestlin (52 yoa).


  • Megalos invades Caithness, but underestimates the effectiveness of the Spellweavers Guild founded by Bishop Mendel. The invasion wasn't a complete failure, however, while they made no ground in Caithness, the City of Bannock was return to Megalean control. This war will drag out until 2029.
  • During the war, Mendel (54 yoa) is elevated to the rank of archbishop of Caithness following the passing of Archbishop Siccius.
  • Rainald’s (49 yoa) eyesight fades quickly to practically nothing—he says that the gods granted him sight in his lost eye by taking away years of sight at the end from his good eye


  • A magical incident occurs involving Magister Gestlin (55 yoa), Arn Rainaldsson (17 yoa) and Finn Sardock (12 yoa). While attempting to teach his students how to scry, something goes terribly wrong. Arn loses great swathes of his personal memory as well as simultaneously gaining hints of another man’s personality; his eyes tend to glow when he casts while Finn’s eyes permanently turn inhumanly blue. In the wake of this, Arn leaves Gestlin’s service and ends up participating in the ongoing war with Megalos.



  • An expedition across the desert to ascertain the status of Castle Defiant return's with a favourable report. Preparations begin for Lord Kerin's heir to return to Castle Defiant and reclaim the Barony. William Wallace, the second of his name and son to Lord Malcolm Wallace, will lead the expedition.


  • Lord Malcolm Wallace dies suddenly, reporting pain in his chest. He was age 58 years. With the death of his father, William Wallace (29 yoa), as heir, steps up to take his place as Lord of Wallace. Master of Arms, Sir Dane Sardock (57 yoa) is tasked with leading the expedition to Castle Defiant.
  • Banestorm: Embers of Defiance begins.The expedition to Castle Defiant leaves Wallace, with 2 knights, 17 solders, 62 settlers, 8 stonemasons, 21 builders, and 103 livestock.